Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Spreading Wellness: What are you grateful for?

Photo and Artistic Edits by: Jodi Tervo Roberts
Thank you all who helped make this reality! :)
There is a damp chill in the air, clouds rarely part, water falls randomly from the sky, sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes white, sometimes transparent. The deer have eaten most of the garden remnants, and we continue to process our fall's harvest. 

It's the time of year that when the sun shines, it is cold outside, and when it is cloudy, it is "warm." Although I'm dreaming of the suns warming rays, I am thoroughly grateful for the changing seasons. Change means that we are blessed with the opportunity to look forward to something new, new activities, new beauty, and new routines. 

Photo by: Jodi Tervo Roberts
We can now close the doors to that which is behind us, and look forward to the peacefulness of winter. Winter...a time of peace, of true silence. A time that I love to snowshoe in the woods, listen to the nothingness, the stillness, and simply be...watching the flakes softly flutter to the ground, gently, quietly, and with intention. Piling up a blanket of insulation for our earth...one that provides us a new reality of ground level. We walk closer to the tree tops as the snow fills in the imperfections along the trail. Snow creates a new outer beauty, a different reality. The farmers almanac says it is going to be another hard winter, so I'm also grateful for the neoprene face mask that I purchased on spring clearance after learning first hand what an early frost bite can do to winter fun.

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is soon upon us, and then only a few weeks until Christmas! Besides this being a time of changing seasons, it is also a time when many reflect upon gratitudeThis winter I am most grateful for the wonderful group of people that have helped to support the opening of E3 Twin Ports, LLC, which will allow me to help Spread Wellness.

I enjoy these changing seasons; however, I have met many people throughout my years in the northland who do not enjoy winter. When I've been able to teach friends about the importance of embracing a winter hobby, they usually change their outlook on our longest season of the year. It is helpful to look forward to these beautiful winter months. 
Photo taken by a friend of Jodi Tervo Roberts
Winter FUN!

This winter, E3 Twin Ports, LLC is offering winter exploration activities, in hopes to help others enjoy the beauty of winter. E3 will offer snowshoe outings for families, and cross-country ski lessons. E3 hopes that many will learn to enjoy the winter wonderland, and be grateful next year for our first snowfall! :) For more information on our classes/activities, please look at our wellness packages by visiting our website at: http://www.e3twinports.com/wellness-packages/. We are offering a referral discount of 50% (Limited Time Only)! So, find your friends, and join the fun today!

E3 Twin Ports, LLC is grateful for winter starting, for the support of many who helped us get off of the ground, our classes starting up in December, and for everyone of you reading our blog. We look forward to meeting you in one of our classes/activities. Please share with us, what are you grateful for?

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