Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Spreading Wellness: What have you learned from the little things in life?

The beautiful white snow that sits peacefully on top of the trees has been so refreshing; however, I cannot help but reminisce about the days of summer and fall when I was able to drive my motorbike and experience the subtle changes in the environment. One particular fall morning stands out in my mind...As I drove up Haines Rd and overlooked the beautiful flowing waters of the St. Louis River, the sun was trying to send its warm rays through the dissipating clouds. As I approached the top of the hill to turn onto Skyline, my bike quickly died. That should have been my warning.  However, it wasn't until I continued taking in the awe of Skylines views, and my bike started to sputter, that I realized I needed to turn my tank to reserve. So I pulled off and turned the dial. Once again, off and riding. This time, riding on borrowed time, until I could pull into a filling station. As I filled up my bike I pondered....what if life had a reserve tank, subtle warnings to let us know that we need to re-fill our own tanks? Then I thought...life does have warning signs, if we just slow down and listen. I remembered a quote by Mahatma Ghandi, "There is more to life than increasing its speed." If we just slow down, we can be more in tune with our own tank levels.

This is Jodi L. Tervo Roberts here, the owner of a new small business in town, E3 Twin Ports, LLC, Spreading Wellness. I am so excited to begin this new challenge in life; to help spread wellness throughout the Twin Ports community.  E3 Twin Ports, LLC has many fun events and activities planned, and some in the works. We hope that you will be able to join us for our classes, whether inside or outside, or sign up for Wellness Coaching. We want to help you accomplish your New Year's Resolutions! We have limited time only discounts. If you purchase a package for January, the rest of December's indoor classes come FREE! See our website for more offers, www.e3twinports.com.

We have started our indoor fitness classes, Zumba and the Next Level Combo class. We meet in the early mornings on Tuesday and Thursday, 6:15 and 7:30 start times, at Mattevi Martial Arts Academy in Superior, WI. In January our schedule will expand. We will be leading many more classes, both inside and outdoors. We have family programming, programming for stay at home parents, and much more to come. We look forward to you joining us.

We are also leading a 
Winter Woman's Wellness Retreat January 30-February 1st, 
and we hope that you can join us for this. The retreat will be held at the Historic Lutsen Resort. 
Reservations must be made by December 26th. 

Even if you are not personally interested, maybe you have a woman in your life that deserves a wonderful girlfriend's weekend getaway! Consider giving the gift of a hassle free weekend. This is an all inclusive retreat. Participants will engage in Zumba, Relaxation Stretching, and Snowshoeing! Plus, eat delicious meals cooked by the great cooks at Lutsen Resort. If the weather permits, we just might make a campfire and roast some marshmallows! Maybe through attending this mid-winter retreat, it will inspire you to slow down and take time for yourself, so you can be more aware of your tank levels. We are excited to have you along, and we hope you sign up today! Like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/E3TwinPorts), Email us at info@e3twinports.com with questions, and visit www.e3twinports.com/wellness-packages for more details. 

Gift Certificates are available. 

Please stay tuned for more information from E3 Twin Ports, LLC, and ask yourself now...What have you learned from the little things in life?  Are you running on reserve? What are your personal filling stations?  These are different for everyone, and it is healthy to slow down and re-fill before you start to sputter.

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