Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Spreading Wellness: Who has empowered you to pursue your dreams?!

Live Happy, Dream Big, and Smile! 
~Jodi L. Tervo~

That has been my motto/mantra in life for the past couple of decades, and most recently I realized what it has brought to my life. Growing up I felt like I was that timid, quiet girl in the corner. The one who sat on the sidelines in social gatherings. The one who was an academic success, but lacked belonging. The one who connected more with adults and children, than with her peers. The one that was older than her biological age, yet loved to play like a child. The child that was seen, and not heard. The one who had a million deep thoughts in her head but rarely shared. The one who watched others having fun, laughing, and enjoying life, and wondering how they had that kind of confidence in a large crowd? The one who was always drawn to others who were left out. Always the athletic person who could play with the best of them, but then never invited to play outside of that moment. Always being able to fall back on athletic ability to "fit in" and have fun, but then not have to talk, because we were playing.

Thankfully, I had very positive parental influence, and positivity was at my core. It wasn't that I never talked, it just wasn't very often. I know that I spread positivity to my classmates, because sometimes they teased me about always being so positive. Although I really was happy with who I was, I also understood that I wanted to break out of my shell.  Like the caterpillar, becoming a butterfly! I wanted to feel like I had a purpose. I wanted to help people. I wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I wanted to help others achieve their dreams. I was the most happy when I could make others smile and be happy...even if they teased me for it, I knew they appreciated my positive words.

In-between my junior and senior years in high school I made a conscious decision to become more outgoing...to improve my voice…it was a many year process, which had subconsciously started a couple years earlier, and sometimes, decades later, I still feel myself revert back to my younger days. But mostly, my family has a hard time keeping me quiet. J I've always been a thinker, a reflector, with incredibly deep thoughts…and as a young teenager I had a teacher that encouraged me to gain my voice…encouraged me to share my thoughts through writing. Looking back, I realize how important that was for empowering me, to speak out, to become the butterfly, and really, why writing has become the mortar of E3’s foundation. Here is my story...

Mr. Olson, my high school English teacher, challenged me to write my own poems in order to heal from life's events/losses. As I reflect upon my journey, I realize how important those words were to me. At that time I didn't feel like I had meaningful thoughts to share with others, let alone, write anything sufficient, especially poetry. I loved reading poetry, and it helped me to heal from life’s losses…but, write my own?! However, with his encouragement, I began writing my thoughts and feelings. He even allowed me to turn papers into him that were for my personal healing. Critiquing and encouraging me to continue. 

Early on, when I was still "practicing how to write poetry," I was able to reflect upon who I wanted to become, and what life meant to me. It came back to the simple words, "Live Happy, Dream Big, and Smile!" People always told me that I had a great smile. So I knew that my mantra needed the word "Smile." It was the one thing that connected others to myself. In a world of social beings, it was the one thing that kept me in a group, even if few interacted with me. So early on, these six simple words became my mantra through difficult times, and slowly they became a part of my daily thinking.
Years later, I can see the incredible power that these six words had on my life! I dreamed of having my own business...having the ability to make decisions that made sense to me and those around me, because I would listen to others thoughts and continue to grow. I learned early on in my professional career, that I am a big picture person, a visionary, and a "get it done" person. The “don't just talk about it, do something about it,” sort of person.

Life continued...I always enjoyed helping my clients, no matter their age or ability, which is my strength! I LOVE to empower clients to reach their dreams, and jump over hurdles in life. Cheering them along and celebrating their successes! J But, I was still working for others, piecing together jobs....continuing to journal (to myself)...continuing to exercise...continuing to engage in fun hobbies...continuing to connect with my amazing clients and students...continuing my mantra of "Live Happy, Dream Big, and Smile!" 

I had been Dreaming Big, Smiling, and I was Happy. But I knew if I was to truly LIVE my Dreams, then I need to act upon my dreams!...the dream of being a teacher, an entrepreneur, and a leader in holistic wellness...I realized that I in order to reach that dream, I needed to open E3 Twin Ports, LLC! I CAN help people to my fullest potenital! I CAN help spread wellness, spread happiness, spread confidence, and spread seeds of LOVE! All things that I have been journaling (to myself) about for decades! J 

After years of practicing my voice through journaling, my confidence has been boosted, and I absolutely love writing! Recently, I started blogging, started sharing these dreams with the world. I am becoming that butterfly, soaring through the highest heights, joyous in celebration, sharing my voice, and my dreams with the world! All because Mr. Olson encouraged me to write my own poetry…he empowered me with the practice of writing...which led me to consider a life mantra, which helped me to soar toward my dreams! 

This is one of my many stories that provides a solid foundation for E3. This is why I blog for E3 (Thank you, Mr. Olson)! It has helped to empower me to reach for my dreams, improve my energy, improve my own voice, share positivity with the world, and hopefully, to inspire others to reach for their dreams as well, and ultimately, spread wellnessThrough E3 Twin Ports, LLC, I CAN help pay it forward...just like Mr. Olson empowered me, I can empower others.

At E3, we spread seeds of love, health and happiness when we share positive stories of success. E3 relates our wellness to the beautiful flowers and trees that surround us in our natural world. J  E3 has created a Holistic Wellness Flower, to help the world visualize dreams of wellness. You are at the core of the flower, growing your own flower, in a holistic way, sitting upon the part of the flower that holds the seeds, you are spreading those seeds of wellness as you flourish, and grow, and we, E3, are watering your flower, to help it grow more abundantly! To help grow a beautiful garden of flowers!

By signing up for one of our indoor classes, letting us lead your PE class for homeschoolers, joining us for parent/kid music movement or family snowshoeing, or signing up for the Winter Women’s Wellness Retreat, we together, can help spread wellness, one person at a time! J

Help us reach our dreams, by reaching for your own dreams, and signing up today! 

Who has empowered you to pursue your dreams? Who has helped you to change your path in a positive way? Ponder...What is the mortar of your dreams? Please share with us, we would love to hear! And, maybe what you share will help inspire others to reach for their dreams!

Stay tuned next week, to learn more about the foundation of E3. J

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E3 Twin Ports, LLC, Spreading Wellness

(E3 = Energy and Empowerment through Exercise!)

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