Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Spreading Wellness: What have you learned from a good book lately?

Dick and Jane, symbols, sight words, and following picture directions. Children asking what signs say, and sounding out simple words. The act of learning how to read is a long and challenging journey for young children, but they eagerly proceed with positive encouragement from the supportive adults in their lives. Finding fun ways to help children learn the act of reading is so important. And, our reward as parents is watching them flourish in their skills. It brings giddiness to our souls as we watch them seek out higher level readers. And then, as much as it brings us excitement when they turn to chapter books, there is also a little loss in our hearts, because they are less likely to spontaneously curl up in our laps and ask to listen to a story. But as parents, we know that our job is to help them become independent readers...and want to spark that excitement for learning and growing.

Books are a wonderful way to teach and learn about an enormous array of topics. Even as adults, we find ourselves seeking good books, and sharing titles and authors with friends and families. Maybe our motives for reading are the same as when we were a child, maybe they are different. Nevertheless, we seek out good books. 

In our Wellness Coaching sessions, we may recommend a book or two to help you in a way that may benefit your situation, and we will be there to encourage you along. We at E3 understand the power and importance of reading and learning. We have read many books that have helped us with our leadership, knowledge in the field, inspiration, and motivation. We have samples of many of these books, and are eager to let you have a look at the books we may recommend reading, so that you can check them out at a library if you choose. In our testimonials - found on our website www.e3twinports.com - Kathryn states that our owner Jodi "...has offered advice, research and books which have literally changed my life..." We believe in the power of books, and hope that we will be able to recommend some great reads that may help you transform your life too! And, we enjoy learning about good books from our clients as well. 

Do you remember learning to read? Or, teaching a child to read? Something that was so hard, has now become something that we may take for granted. In many ways our motives for reading have gone from learning the act of reading, to learning from what we read. So what have you learned from a good book lately? Will you share your favorites with us?

To learn more about our wellness coaching option, or any of our other packages, send us an email (info@e3twinports.com). We would love to hear from you, and would be happy to meet you for tea so that you can determine if our style of fitness based wellness coaching is what you are looking for.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Spreading Wellness: How are you managing your physical, mental, emotional health?

"Really Dad, do we have to go work on the trail, again?!" I remember speaking those words at a very young age. Little did I know, that later on in life, I would completely embrace the love of community service. My parents, along with my aunts and uncles, formed a 4-H club for all of us cousins...yes, dozens of us. We were called the Kountry Kousins, and our clubs main mission was community service. We met each month and worked on fun crafty projects, but we also were involved in community service...we helped clear trees off of a local ski trail, helped to build bridges over creeks, and I spent many hours sitting on top of a piece of sheet metal that was used to pack the ski trails. Yes, those were the days...not just before the days of modern ski trail grooming equipment, but also the days of understanding first hand the connection between volunteering, feeling good about it, and the beginning of a passion for giving back. As we celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I reflected upon the many wonderful memories of volunteering in the communities in which I've lived over the years. Always being filled with a great sense of fulfillment when heading home from the project/event. This was reinforced as my husband and I drove home from Giants Ridge this past Sunday, where we had volunteer training for the downhill ski program, through Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute - Northland. I felt refreshed, reinvigorated, and so excited for next weekend, when our skiers will come out for their first lesson of the season!

E3 Twin Ports, LLC truly believes in community service and giving back. I, Jodi Tervo Roberts, the owner of E3 am becoming a Member of the Superior Rotary #40, and will be helping with the Dragon Boat Festival this fall. As mentioned above, I also volunteer for the adaptive sports and recreation programs through Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute - Northland, and I volunteer with the DXC Wednesday Night Races, offering free ski technique tips at 6:10, and help time the races with the Duluth Running Company. We believe that volunteering is leading and builds stronger communities. Our rewards are the smiling faces of those that we help serve, and to add a little bit of sunshine to everyone's day.

Did you know that research is emerging on the health benefits of volunteering?! Here are three short articles on the topic: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/08/140829135448.htmhttp://www.researchscape.com/health/volunteering-health-survey, and http://www.webmd.com/balance/news/20130823/volunteering-may-make-people-happier-study-finds. From our perspective, we have experienced these benefits. :) And, we are happy to see that research has started in this area.

We encourage you to experience this yourself, if you haven't already. We also encourage you to involve your young children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and friends to get out and volunteer. You may hear the same line that I started this blog with, but know, that in the long run, the little ones will turn into adults, and they will thank you for helping them to experience first hand, the amazing benefits of volunteering. 

Have you ever thought about managing your physical, mental and emotional health through volunteering?! Will you begin volunteering as part of your health plan? Will you serve others to help manage your health? Maybe you are already, and the community thanks you for it. But if you aren't, we encourage you to ponder the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, "What are you doing for others?" And, maybe you can start reaping the benefits as well! 

If you have experienced benefits of volunteering, please share them with us, by posting a comment on our blog, or sending us an email. We would love to hear from you! info@e3twinports.com.

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Make it great, and Happy Volunteering!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Spreading Wellness: How has your hero inspired you?

Growing up my Grandpa was an avid cross-country skier, and frequently told stories about his ski adventures with his buddies. I was fortunate enough to get to know his friends, and we would see each other often on the trails and at marathon ski events. They all have fantastic stories of inspiration, but one story clearly defines my definition of heroism. At a marathon ski race a few years ago, I was talking with one of my Grandpa's friends. He was now an 80+ year old athlete. He had a smile on his face, and was telling me about his current medical condition which had caused him for the first time in many years to put more miles on his truck than on his skis, and also the reason that he couldn't race that year. Despite this set back, he added that he will be back skiing next year, and that he was happy he had asked for a second opinion so that he didn't need to have his foot amputated. Wow! What an attitude on life! I loved hearing his stories. At an early age I was exposed to hero's like this, and I would walk away feeling inspired, and reminded that I needed to stay active so that I too could lead a full life, until the end. As I grow older, I often think about these hero's, and hope that someday I too can be an inspiration to others. If I can make a positive impact in one person's life, whether through a smile, a listening ear, or somehow help to empower someone to reach their dreams, then I have succeeded. And, I am striving to continue skiing marathons into my 80's and 90's, just like my Grandpa and his friends.

How do we act upon these inspirations? By learning from your heroes, leading a lifestyle that will help you accomplish them, and as Socrates said, by focusing your energy on building the new. Is it really this easy? Well, not for everyone. Lifestyle change can be a challenging endeavor. E3 is continuously reading research on health, wellness, and lifestyle change, so that we can better help our clients. We at E3 strive to empower you to become holistically healthy and well throughout our lifespan, by offering science-based health and wellness opportunities. We empower you to engage in healthy lifestyle habits. With the help of our highly educated staff, we strive to meet our clients at whatever stage of wellness they are at...so we can spread wellness in our community, one member at a time.

What does this all mean? It means that we offer Wellness Coaching, and both indoor and outdoor fitness opportunities (Zumba, Body Weight Interval Training, Family Snowshoeing, Parent/Kid Music and Movement, and XC Ski Lessons). We also have a vision for leading wellness retreats in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and Wilderness for women's groups, corporations, and any other group that is interested. We want to share the power of the outdoors with our clients; however, we know that is not for everyone, which is why we offer our indoor opportunities as well. Our goal is to help our clients meet their health and wellness goals, and when they succeed, we succeed.

As the owner of E3 Twin Ports, LLC, I thank you for reading our inspirational/motivational blog, and I encourage you to join us for our classes and events. I have had many heroes in my life, and am very grateful for everything they have taught me, and inspired me to do...including opening E3 Twin Ports, LLC, so that I can share my passions with the community. Do you have a hero? Do you have a story to share about a person who has been an inspiration in your life? We would love to hear! Share your story by offering a comment on this blog, or sending us an email at info@e3twinports.com.

For more information about E3 Twin Ports, LLC, please visit www.e3twinports.com, and follow us on facebook and pinterest. We are wishing you a healthy day!

To learn more about me, Jodi Tervo Roberts, the owner of E3 Twin Ports, LLC, please see and share the following article that was published in the Sunday, Jan. 11th Duluth News Tribune.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Spreading Wellness: How hard can it be?!

This fall I was invited to one of the most laughter filled meetings of my life.  At this meeting, one theme kept re-occurring, "How hard can it be?!"  A few weekends later, my husband and I were replacing the back brakes on his car, we both struggled with a tiny little spring, boy, it was strong!   As I struggled with that little piece of metal. I kept reflecting on the laughter filled meeting, with continuous reminders of "how hard can it be?!" Many times I stopped to regroup, both my mental and physical strength...continuing the mantra of "how hard it can be, this spring is tiny?!" This kept me going until, ploop, the spring was connected appropriately, and the parking brake worked once again. Team work, reading and re-reading directions, laughter, and perseverance had finally prevailed.

Perseverance, resources (books, directions, blogs, E3 Twin Ports staff), and team work (social support) are also components of making lifestyle changes...positive habit changes. And, maybe it isn't scientifically proven, but in my experience, the ability to laugh at my mistakes also helps. According to research published in the European Journal of Social Psychology 40, 998-1009 (2010) Published Online 16 July 2009, habit formation is a non-linear curve, meaning that early repetitions of the habit you are trying to create results in a larger increase in automaticity than those repetitions performed later in the habit formation process. This study also revealed three other practical applications to improve positive habit formation.  1. Use external cues to trigger behavior change. 2. Stay as consistent as possible. and 3. The more complex the behavior you are trying to create (example: exercise), the longer it will take to create the habit.

Are you looking at ways to make positive lifestyle changes? Are you able to do it on your own, or do you need a little coaching? E3 Twin Ports, LLC offers fitness based wellness coaching, and we would be happy to help you reach your goals! We meet our goals when our clients meet theirs. We pride ourselves in meeting our clients wherever they are at in their process. We create a non-judgmental environment for our clients, and help them toward success.

So, How hard can it be?! You are the only one to determine that. Gather your tools, and remember to consider a dash of...perseverance, resources, social support, and a little bit of laughter throughout your process. I now challenge you, to take steps forward towards your goal, and begin your journey down a road to improve your holistic wellness. 

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