Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Spreading Wellness: How are you managing your physical, mental, emotional health?

"Really Dad, do we have to go work on the trail, again?!" I remember speaking those words at a very young age. Little did I know, that later on in life, I would completely embrace the love of community service. My parents, along with my aunts and uncles, formed a 4-H club for all of us cousins...yes, dozens of us. We were called the Kountry Kousins, and our clubs main mission was community service. We met each month and worked on fun crafty projects, but we also were involved in community service...we helped clear trees off of a local ski trail, helped to build bridges over creeks, and I spent many hours sitting on top of a piece of sheet metal that was used to pack the ski trails. Yes, those were the days...not just before the days of modern ski trail grooming equipment, but also the days of understanding first hand the connection between volunteering, feeling good about it, and the beginning of a passion for giving back. As we celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I reflected upon the many wonderful memories of volunteering in the communities in which I've lived over the years. Always being filled with a great sense of fulfillment when heading home from the project/event. This was reinforced as my husband and I drove home from Giants Ridge this past Sunday, where we had volunteer training for the downhill ski program, through Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute - Northland. I felt refreshed, reinvigorated, and so excited for next weekend, when our skiers will come out for their first lesson of the season!

E3 Twin Ports, LLC truly believes in community service and giving back. I, Jodi Tervo Roberts, the owner of E3 am becoming a Member of the Superior Rotary #40, and will be helping with the Dragon Boat Festival this fall. As mentioned above, I also volunteer for the adaptive sports and recreation programs through Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute - Northland, and I volunteer with the DXC Wednesday Night Races, offering free ski technique tips at 6:10, and help time the races with the Duluth Running Company. We believe that volunteering is leading and builds stronger communities. Our rewards are the smiling faces of those that we help serve, and to add a little bit of sunshine to everyone's day.

Did you know that research is emerging on the health benefits of volunteering?! Here are three short articles on the topic: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/08/140829135448.htmhttp://www.researchscape.com/health/volunteering-health-survey, and http://www.webmd.com/balance/news/20130823/volunteering-may-make-people-happier-study-finds. From our perspective, we have experienced these benefits. :) And, we are happy to see that research has started in this area.

We encourage you to experience this yourself, if you haven't already. We also encourage you to involve your young children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and friends to get out and volunteer. You may hear the same line that I started this blog with, but know, that in the long run, the little ones will turn into adults, and they will thank you for helping them to experience first hand, the amazing benefits of volunteering. 

Have you ever thought about managing your physical, mental and emotional health through volunteering?! Will you begin volunteering as part of your health plan? Will you serve others to help manage your health? Maybe you are already, and the community thanks you for it. But if you aren't, we encourage you to ponder the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, "What are you doing for others?" And, maybe you can start reaping the benefits as well! 

If you have experienced benefits of volunteering, please share them with us, by posting a comment on our blog, or sending us an email. We would love to hear from you! info@e3twinports.com.

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Make it great, and Happy Volunteering!

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