Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Spreading Wellness: How hard can it be?!

This fall I was invited to one of the most laughter filled meetings of my life.  At this meeting, one theme kept re-occurring, "How hard can it be?!"  A few weekends later, my husband and I were replacing the back brakes on his car, we both struggled with a tiny little spring, boy, it was strong!   As I struggled with that little piece of metal. I kept reflecting on the laughter filled meeting, with continuous reminders of "how hard can it be?!" Many times I stopped to regroup, both my mental and physical strength...continuing the mantra of "how hard it can be, this spring is tiny?!" This kept me going until, ploop, the spring was connected appropriately, and the parking brake worked once again. Team work, reading and re-reading directions, laughter, and perseverance had finally prevailed.

Perseverance, resources (books, directions, blogs, E3 Twin Ports staff), and team work (social support) are also components of making lifestyle changes...positive habit changes. And, maybe it isn't scientifically proven, but in my experience, the ability to laugh at my mistakes also helps. According to research published in the European Journal of Social Psychology 40, 998-1009 (2010) Published Online 16 July 2009, habit formation is a non-linear curve, meaning that early repetitions of the habit you are trying to create results in a larger increase in automaticity than those repetitions performed later in the habit formation process. This study also revealed three other practical applications to improve positive habit formation.  1. Use external cues to trigger behavior change. 2. Stay as consistent as possible. and 3. The more complex the behavior you are trying to create (example: exercise), the longer it will take to create the habit.

Are you looking at ways to make positive lifestyle changes? Are you able to do it on your own, or do you need a little coaching? E3 Twin Ports, LLC offers fitness based wellness coaching, and we would be happy to help you reach your goals! We meet our goals when our clients meet theirs. We pride ourselves in meeting our clients wherever they are at in their process. We create a non-judgmental environment for our clients, and help them toward success.

So, How hard can it be?! You are the only one to determine that. Gather your tools, and remember to consider a dash of...perseverance, resources, social support, and a little bit of laughter throughout your process. I now challenge you, to take steps forward towards your goal, and begin your journey down a road to improve your holistic wellness. 

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