Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Spreading Wellness: What have you learned from a good book lately?

Dick and Jane, symbols, sight words, and following picture directions. Children asking what signs say, and sounding out simple words. The act of learning how to read is a long and challenging journey for young children, but they eagerly proceed with positive encouragement from the supportive adults in their lives. Finding fun ways to help children learn the act of reading is so important. And, our reward as parents is watching them flourish in their skills. It brings giddiness to our souls as we watch them seek out higher level readers. And then, as much as it brings us excitement when they turn to chapter books, there is also a little loss in our hearts, because they are less likely to spontaneously curl up in our laps and ask to listen to a story. But as parents, we know that our job is to help them become independent readers...and want to spark that excitement for learning and growing.

Books are a wonderful way to teach and learn about an enormous array of topics. Even as adults, we find ourselves seeking good books, and sharing titles and authors with friends and families. Maybe our motives for reading are the same as when we were a child, maybe they are different. Nevertheless, we seek out good books. 

In our Wellness Coaching sessions, we may recommend a book or two to help you in a way that may benefit your situation, and we will be there to encourage you along. We at E3 understand the power and importance of reading and learning. We have read many books that have helped us with our leadership, knowledge in the field, inspiration, and motivation. We have samples of many of these books, and are eager to let you have a look at the books we may recommend reading, so that you can check them out at a library if you choose. In our testimonials - found on our website www.e3twinports.com - Kathryn states that our owner Jodi "...has offered advice, research and books which have literally changed my life..." We believe in the power of books, and hope that we will be able to recommend some great reads that may help you transform your life too! And, we enjoy learning about good books from our clients as well. 

Do you remember learning to read? Or, teaching a child to read? Something that was so hard, has now become something that we may take for granted. In many ways our motives for reading have gone from learning the act of reading, to learning from what we read. So what have you learned from a good book lately? Will you share your favorites with us?

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