Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spreading Wellness: How do you encourage your inner child?

As I entered college for the first time, I had a dream of being a traveling therapist. A woman on my fast-pitch softball team was a traveler, and I thought it sounded fantastic! After working for 4 years in my home school district, the opportunity presented itself, and I hit the road for 3. An amazing 3 years, filled with exploration, adventure, and personal growth. Upon arrival to a new work-site, I would locate the local library, good trails for running, hiking, biking, and it was a huge bonus if I found a playground park close by. I always have and always will enjoy the monkey bars. Gymnastics, bars, rings, beams, and tumbling offer something that long distance fitness cannot, and it makes my heart happy when I can spend time outside practicing these skills.

This weekend, my little one told me I look like
I'm 18! It made my day, and at her "old age"
of 6, she couldn't understand why I thought
of it as such a compliment. :) 
On one of my assignments in lower Michigan, I was placed in an upscale community...a little out of the ordinary for my Yooper blood, but a fun way to push my comfort zone. It was a suburbia sort of location. There were no trails to explore, bike, or jog, so I had to make routes for road biking and running. Every day after work I would either lace up my running shoes, or saddle up on my bike, and every day, I would return past a fantastic playground, with a large set of monkey bars! SCORE!!! :) I was so excited to find these monkey bars along my routes, and enjoyed getting a great upper body strength work-out in on a more regular basis than on previous assignments. However, it was at this time in my life that I experienced something that I wouldn't wish for anyone...whenever I would stop at this park, if there were children, parents would call to them and they would leave. This happened enough times that I began to wonder, if it was me or if they were really needing to go home. How strange? I never interfered with the play of the children using the park. I may not be 8, but I was still 8 in my heart, and adults have just as much right to play at a community park as anyone. I began to question myself though...at this point, I had been a pediatric therapist for about 6 years, I LOVE kids, and believed deep in my core on the importance of playing like a kid to stay young, healthy, and happy. After pondering, I realized it was sad that the parents weren't on the equipment playing with their kids, and weren't fostering the kid within themselves. I felt sad that the parents would pass such judgement on me, an adult who still enjoyed crossing monkey bars, doing flips off the sides, and hanging upside down. This was the first time in my life that I realized there is a cultural paradigm that adults don't play on playground equipment (I think it took me longer than most people to realize this). I also realized that most people believe that adult outside play is supposed to completely change with age. I wasn't going to let that stop me from playing at the park, and I never had an opportunity to go introduce myself to these parents, because it took me so long to realize what was happening, and that assignment was only a couple of months long. But, it gave me more of an appreciation for my inner child, the one that keeps me young, and the one that will encourage me to hang upside down on the monkey bars at the end of my jogs until the day that I pass...

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Here at E3 Twin Ports, LLC, we encourage you to feed that deep inner child. We encourage you to find a local park to play in on a regular basis, and we have a dream of building a playground specifically sized for adults someday...(if anyone knows of grants to help us make this happen, please let us know).

Until then, you can join one of our programs to feed your soul, mind, and body. Registration is open for our Women's Outdoor Adventure Group - Spring Hiking Series, Parent/Kid Music and Movement, and Wellness Coaching. We are currently restructuring our adult indoor fitness classes, and are working on summer programming, which will include Adult Groups and Children's Groups (Learning Science through Movement, Developmental Music/Movement, and others). We are also working on a "New to Duluth" series, to help welcome and introduce newcomers to our great area! If you know any local corporations/businesses that would like to share this with their new employees, please have them email us (info@e3twinports.com). Stay Tuned, and help us spread the word! :)

Encourage your inner child, improve your life,
and improve your health! :)
Do you know your inner child? Would you and yours like to join us for our adventures? Or, would you like us to help you find that inner child through Wellness Coaching? We are here to help. Research shows that people who feel younger than they are, are not only healthier, but they live longer (http://www.cnn.com/2014/12/17/health/healthy-aging/). And, those with a positive attitude, have a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease (http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/20/health/happiness-wellbeing-health/). E3 encourages you to find your inner child, and go PLAY! :) Because, we understand that when you play outside, you are not only being active, but you are more likely to have a smile on your face...A double bonus for health! So, why not encourage your inner child to help you feel younger, and live happier?! :)

Share with us, How do you encourage your inner child? Feel free to comment on our blog, or send us an email (info@e3twinports.com), we would love to hear from you.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Spreading Wellness: Can less really be more?

Only a couple of decades ago, people engaged in Spring Housecleaning, scrubbing the soot build-up off of their walls and ceilings, and cleaning their chimney's. With modern technology, and cleaner heat sources, many continue this tradition of Spring Cleaning...but take a little different twist.

It feels so good to spring clean! And this year, I started a bit earlier than spring. Since moving to Minnesota, I have lived on the Superior Hiking Trail, struggled to find consistent employment, many leads, many empty promises, and constantly wondering how I/we will make it...feeling very overwhelmed...knowing I'm intelligent and very good at helping people...Wondering on a regular basis if it was really worth leaving solid employment to pursue my Master's Degree for what I thought would bring me more opportunities....but, I am one to look for the bright side in every struggle, and it isn't very hard to realize, that I was destined to land in MN. During my time on the trail, I met an amazing person, who has since become my husband! So, I do believe, that although very unexpected, finding LOVE is just one reason that I went back to school...but "love" hasn't solved my employment challenge...nor my educational resource storage problem...For the past 4+ years I have moved boxes filled with books and research articles from one place to another, because I have been confident that I will need them for work...someday.

My door prize during the Diversity Committee Meeting
at the 2014 NSCA National Convention...this nifty little weight rack
(business card holder) is finally out of its box! :)
That "someday" has finally come! This winter things have evolved, and I'm on a quest to spread wellness through my new wellness business, E3 Twin Ports, LLC! So I was FINALLY able to dig out my boxes, empty the contents, purge what I won't need, and organize the rest into a tiny little office space, which shares space in the smallest bedroom of my very small home. :) It was so refreshing to purge boxes of papers, and finally make a "home" for my great educational resources!

As I purged materials, I was thinking about the saying, "Less is More." Is it true? I think so. I was able to keep what will help me with E3, bring others to my office at LSC - where I continue to teach on a very part-time basis, and fill our recycle container with the rest. This allows me to actually access the resources that I have. During the process I felt my brain begin to clear, and also watched myself free up valuable space in my very small home and garage. Having more open space in my home, certainly helps my brain feel more open as well.

How does this relate to E3's programming and philosophy? Think about lifestyle change, and how sometimes it feels so overwhelming to "meet" the bare minimum recommendations of movement for health. Think about starting off slow, building up a routine, creating habits, a solid foundation, and then slowly increasing your movement? I do believe that getting started with less movement, helps more people move toward a healthier lifestyle. By starting off with less movement, you actually become more active, because you don't feel overwhelmed with the burden of needing to exercise like an athlete. If you would like help getting started on your journey toward a healthier lifestyle, sign up for our fitness based Wellness Coaching. We provide a non-judgmental environment to help everyone thrive. Simply send us an email (info@e3twinports.com) today, to schedule your appointment.

Yes, that is a standing desk. :) I do practice what I preach.
This is where I create all the great programming for E3,
including curriculum development for our upcoming summer
programs, the educational series that is coming this fall,
and so much more! Our classes continue to meet at various
outdoor locations around the Twin Ports, and at the Mattevi
Martial Arts Academy in Superior. www.e3twinports.com
This isn't the only way that "less can be more." Maybe you have things, stuff, junk, in your life or mind that needs clearing. Consider jumping on the "Spring Cleaning" bandwagon, and begin purging, so that your brain and surroundings are more clear, and begin thriving in this new found openness. It really is worth it. :) Aaah!

What do you think? Can less really be more? Tell us your thoughts, by commenting on our blog or sending us an email (info@e3twinports.com). We look forward to hearing from you.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Spreading Wellness: Has love/passion ever had you feeling like you were walking on air?

Fifteen years ago, I spent the summer living in Alaska with a group of friends and cousins. I was working in the school systems in Michigan, and had summers off. Soon after the school year ended, and I had played a few games for my Fastpitch Softball team, I took flight for a life-changing summer in Denali...filled with laughter, adventure, freedom, limited access to grocery stores, the sky as my roof, public transportation, friendships, passion, and exploration.

It was an absolutely amazing experience...I mean having no transportation, and no roof over my head. Just my bag (one small school-sized backpack with all of my belongs), myself, and friends. The land of mid-night sun and endless adventure, taught me a passion for hiking, and an appreciation for the intense feeling of freedom in the wilderness. I lived outside. Simply. Created Memories. Lived for Moments. Moments alone. Moments with Friends. Moments of Growth. Moments of reflection. I expanded my love for travel, adventure, pushing my boundaries, and wanting to live in areas that offer all of these memory creating wilderness opportunities. I was flying high - on passion - and then, school started.

I had returned to my MI routine, worked with children, planned IEP's, created healthy routines for my students, and sat in meetings to make sure we were all working toward common goals for the students. I truly enjoyed what I did, and the kids were fantastic! But, it was a moment that I stood in a doorway, about to descend the stairs back to my office, when I bumped into my boss, a wonderful woman, and that moment is what I have reflected on for many years.

Have you ever heard the quote by Maya Angelou, "...People won't remember what you said or did, but they will remember how you made them feel?" It was a moment like that...not that my boss said anything wrong, or even thought she would make me feel a certain way. She was a great woman, and still is! It was simply the question she asked - which I don't even remember - that brought me back to the reality of life in that role, in that place. A weight dropped on my shoulders, literally, and my head began to fog, and my state of being returned to the place it was before I left. Now I wouldn't say that I was unhappy, or even distressed, but I had 3 months of relief from all of the realities of my identity in MI, and apparently had begun to let go of many worries in life without knowing it. It is so hard to even describe the feeling; the feeling of that weight dropping. I didn't realize how amazingly light I felt, until I was weighted. I didn't realize that I had been walking on air, living so passionately in the wilderness, until I was inside, under a roof, with possessions that most would think of as "normal," and with responsibilities that were also quite "normal" for a working professional.

You Requested, We Created!
If you have a request, we are more than happy
to see how we can help! :)
Many years have passed. I've grown. I've reflected. I've learned. And now, I am pursuing my dreams to help others feel just a little bit lighter, by providing opportunities to connect with the wilderness and outdoors. Here at E3, we have a focus on outdoor movement. We are absolutely passionate about it, and want to share our passions with others. We just launched information on a new program that we are starting, The E3 Twin Ports Women's Outdoor Adventure Group! We also continue our Family Hikes, and will be making a nature craft at the end of our hike this week, to celebrate Valentine's Day. Both of these require pre-registration by sending an email to info@e3twinports.com. We are incredibly excited to help others learn an appreciation for the outdoors, year around. We will be expanding our opportunities this spring/summer to include guided Boundary Waters trips (if you have a group interested, please email us at info@e3twinports.com), and plan to organize another Women's Wellness Retreat this fall on the North Shore.

What are you passionate about? Has that passion ever had you walking on air?! As we celebrate "a week of Love," let's reflect upon a simple definition that "Love Is Passion." Reflect upon your passions, think about how you can help others through them, and take the most important step - act upon them. You can do it! Let that be your Valentine's gift to you and those around you.

If you would like to join our wellness movement, check out our website, Facebook, and Pinterest to see if anything we offer can serve you, your corporation, and/or your friends/family, and send us an email to register (info@e3twinports.com).

E3 Twin Ports, LLC (Energy and Empowerment through Exercise)
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Spreading Wellness: Please, can we all start a "health" epidemic soon?!

The other day as I made my way through an intersection, I noticed a car that was stopped waiting for its light to turn green. Inside, were two elderly people - who I assumed were a couple - in fully committed, whole body laughter. As soon as I saw this I started smiling, and my first thoughts were, "That is awesome! I hope Randy and I are still that in love when we are their age! So in love, that we are still full body laughing together while we do our mundane tasks of running errands around town." I know they may not have been a couple, and maybe they weren't even running errands, but that is what my brain was thinking. I felt so peaceful as I continued passed them. The next day I was walking around my yard when I noticed a similar scene, but this time it was a parent and child walking past on the sidewalk. My thoughts..."Aaah! That is fantastic!" and at the same time, I remembered that elderly couple, who were still bringing a smile to my face. All four of these people were complete strangers, yet all have left a feeling of peace, love, and laughter inside of me...one that has lingered for over a week now, and one that I am sharing with all of my readers.

It was by coincidence, or maybe not, that I am taking some positive psychology classes, and this week have been researching the science on the power of social connection, compassion, community, and belonging, when I came across a presentation that also talked about the power of a smile! Emma Seppala shares an amazing story near the end of this presentation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlXJnlmAXt0) about the impact of a smile, activating other peoples micromuscles, and how life-changing this can be. When I reflected upon Emma's presentation, I remembered once again, those two separate laughter incidents, and I wondered if others were so positively impacted by their laughter as I was? I truly think so, because now I know, that other people had their micromuscles activated when they saw and maybe even heard the laughter radiating from these people. I then remembered a quote that I had heard and loved when I was in high school...
"Smiling is infectious; you catch it like the flu. When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too. I passed around the corner and someone saw my grin, when he smiled I realized I'd passed it on to him. I thought about that smile then realized it's worth, a single smile, just like mine could travel round the earth. So, if you feel a smile begin, don't leave it undetected. Let's start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected!" Author Unknown

So, I encourage you today, to think about something positive in your life as you walk through the halls, on the sidewalk, or even in your car. Allow your inner smiles to shine through your face, and begin a health epidemic that is worth spreading!

For more tips on health, positive psychology, holistic health, and other wellness related topics, register for our indoor fitness, outdoor adventures, wellness coaching, personal training, or ask us about other ways that we can help you! We talk about an array of topics in our
classes, from health and wellness to culture and food. And, you will leave our classes smiling!

And, I now ask you...How far do your smiles reach? And, will you help us to start a smiling epidemic?!

To register or for more information, email us at info@e3twinports.com. Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest, and find all of our packages on our website at www.e3twinports.com. We look forward to meeting you soon, and sharing smiles together! :-)