Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Spreading Wellness: Can less really be more?

Only a couple of decades ago, people engaged in Spring Housecleaning, scrubbing the soot build-up off of their walls and ceilings, and cleaning their chimney's. With modern technology, and cleaner heat sources, many continue this tradition of Spring Cleaning...but take a little different twist.

It feels so good to spring clean! And this year, I started a bit earlier than spring. Since moving to Minnesota, I have lived on the Superior Hiking Trail, struggled to find consistent employment, many leads, many empty promises, and constantly wondering how I/we will make it...feeling very overwhelmed...knowing I'm intelligent and very good at helping people...Wondering on a regular basis if it was really worth leaving solid employment to pursue my Master's Degree for what I thought would bring me more opportunities....but, I am one to look for the bright side in every struggle, and it isn't very hard to realize, that I was destined to land in MN. During my time on the trail, I met an amazing person, who has since become my husband! So, I do believe, that although very unexpected, finding LOVE is just one reason that I went back to school...but "love" hasn't solved my employment challenge...nor my educational resource storage problem...For the past 4+ years I have moved boxes filled with books and research articles from one place to another, because I have been confident that I will need them for work...someday.

My door prize during the Diversity Committee Meeting
at the 2014 NSCA National Convention...this nifty little weight rack
(business card holder) is finally out of its box! :)
That "someday" has finally come! This winter things have evolved, and I'm on a quest to spread wellness through my new wellness business, E3 Twin Ports, LLC! So I was FINALLY able to dig out my boxes, empty the contents, purge what I won't need, and organize the rest into a tiny little office space, which shares space in the smallest bedroom of my very small home. :) It was so refreshing to purge boxes of papers, and finally make a "home" for my great educational resources!

As I purged materials, I was thinking about the saying, "Less is More." Is it true? I think so. I was able to keep what will help me with E3, bring others to my office at LSC - where I continue to teach on a very part-time basis, and fill our recycle container with the rest. This allows me to actually access the resources that I have. During the process I felt my brain begin to clear, and also watched myself free up valuable space in my very small home and garage. Having more open space in my home, certainly helps my brain feel more open as well.

How does this relate to E3's programming and philosophy? Think about lifestyle change, and how sometimes it feels so overwhelming to "meet" the bare minimum recommendations of movement for health. Think about starting off slow, building up a routine, creating habits, a solid foundation, and then slowly increasing your movement? I do believe that getting started with less movement, helps more people move toward a healthier lifestyle. By starting off with less movement, you actually become more active, because you don't feel overwhelmed with the burden of needing to exercise like an athlete. If you would like help getting started on your journey toward a healthier lifestyle, sign up for our fitness based Wellness Coaching. We provide a non-judgmental environment to help everyone thrive. Simply send us an email (info@e3twinports.com) today, to schedule your appointment.

Yes, that is a standing desk. :) I do practice what I preach.
This is where I create all the great programming for E3,
including curriculum development for our upcoming summer
programs, the educational series that is coming this fall,
and so much more! Our classes continue to meet at various
outdoor locations around the Twin Ports, and at the Mattevi
Martial Arts Academy in Superior. www.e3twinports.com
This isn't the only way that "less can be more." Maybe you have things, stuff, junk, in your life or mind that needs clearing. Consider jumping on the "Spring Cleaning" bandwagon, and begin purging, so that your brain and surroundings are more clear, and begin thriving in this new found openness. It really is worth it. :) Aaah!

What do you think? Can less really be more? Tell us your thoughts, by commenting on our blog or sending us an email (info@e3twinports.com). We look forward to hearing from you.

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