Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Spreading Wellness: Has love/passion ever had you feeling like you were walking on air?

Fifteen years ago, I spent the summer living in Alaska with a group of friends and cousins. I was working in the school systems in Michigan, and had summers off. Soon after the school year ended, and I had played a few games for my Fastpitch Softball team, I took flight for a life-changing summer in Denali...filled with laughter, adventure, freedom, limited access to grocery stores, the sky as my roof, public transportation, friendships, passion, and exploration.

It was an absolutely amazing experience...I mean having no transportation, and no roof over my head. Just my bag (one small school-sized backpack with all of my belongs), myself, and friends. The land of mid-night sun and endless adventure, taught me a passion for hiking, and an appreciation for the intense feeling of freedom in the wilderness. I lived outside. Simply. Created Memories. Lived for Moments. Moments alone. Moments with Friends. Moments of Growth. Moments of reflection. I expanded my love for travel, adventure, pushing my boundaries, and wanting to live in areas that offer all of these memory creating wilderness opportunities. I was flying high - on passion - and then, school started.

I had returned to my MI routine, worked with children, planned IEP's, created healthy routines for my students, and sat in meetings to make sure we were all working toward common goals for the students. I truly enjoyed what I did, and the kids were fantastic! But, it was a moment that I stood in a doorway, about to descend the stairs back to my office, when I bumped into my boss, a wonderful woman, and that moment is what I have reflected on for many years.

Have you ever heard the quote by Maya Angelou, "...People won't remember what you said or did, but they will remember how you made them feel?" It was a moment like that...not that my boss said anything wrong, or even thought she would make me feel a certain way. She was a great woman, and still is! It was simply the question she asked - which I don't even remember - that brought me back to the reality of life in that role, in that place. A weight dropped on my shoulders, literally, and my head began to fog, and my state of being returned to the place it was before I left. Now I wouldn't say that I was unhappy, or even distressed, but I had 3 months of relief from all of the realities of my identity in MI, and apparently had begun to let go of many worries in life without knowing it. It is so hard to even describe the feeling; the feeling of that weight dropping. I didn't realize how amazingly light I felt, until I was weighted. I didn't realize that I had been walking on air, living so passionately in the wilderness, until I was inside, under a roof, with possessions that most would think of as "normal," and with responsibilities that were also quite "normal" for a working professional.

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Many years have passed. I've grown. I've reflected. I've learned. And now, I am pursuing my dreams to help others feel just a little bit lighter, by providing opportunities to connect with the wilderness and outdoors. Here at E3, we have a focus on outdoor movement. We are absolutely passionate about it, and want to share our passions with others. We just launched information on a new program that we are starting, The E3 Twin Ports Women's Outdoor Adventure Group! We also continue our Family Hikes, and will be making a nature craft at the end of our hike this week, to celebrate Valentine's Day. Both of these require pre-registration by sending an email to info@e3twinports.com. We are incredibly excited to help others learn an appreciation for the outdoors, year around. We will be expanding our opportunities this spring/summer to include guided Boundary Waters trips (if you have a group interested, please email us at info@e3twinports.com), and plan to organize another Women's Wellness Retreat this fall on the North Shore.

What are you passionate about? Has that passion ever had you walking on air?! As we celebrate "a week of Love," let's reflect upon a simple definition that "Love Is Passion." Reflect upon your passions, think about how you can help others through them, and take the most important step - act upon them. You can do it! Let that be your Valentine's gift to you and those around you.

If you would like to join our wellness movement, check out our website, Facebook, and Pinterest to see if anything we offer can serve you, your corporation, and/or your friends/family, and send us an email to register (info@e3twinports.com).

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