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Spreading Wellness: How do you encourage your inner child?

As I entered college for the first time, I had a dream of being a traveling therapist. A woman on my fast-pitch softball team was a traveler, and I thought it sounded fantastic! After working for 4 years in my home school district, the opportunity presented itself, and I hit the road for 3. An amazing 3 years, filled with exploration, adventure, and personal growth. Upon arrival to a new work-site, I would locate the local library, good trails for running, hiking, biking, and it was a huge bonus if I found a playground park close by. I always have and always will enjoy the monkey bars. Gymnastics, bars, rings, beams, and tumbling offer something that long distance fitness cannot, and it makes my heart happy when I can spend time outside practicing these skills.

This weekend, my little one told me I look like
I'm 18! It made my day, and at her "old age"
of 6, she couldn't understand why I thought
of it as such a compliment. :) 
On one of my assignments in lower Michigan, I was placed in an upscale community...a little out of the ordinary for my Yooper blood, but a fun way to push my comfort zone. It was a suburbia sort of location. There were no trails to explore, bike, or jog, so I had to make routes for road biking and running. Every day after work I would either lace up my running shoes, or saddle up on my bike, and every day, I would return past a fantastic playground, with a large set of monkey bars! SCORE!!! :) I was so excited to find these monkey bars along my routes, and enjoyed getting a great upper body strength work-out in on a more regular basis than on previous assignments. However, it was at this time in my life that I experienced something that I wouldn't wish for anyone...whenever I would stop at this park, if there were children, parents would call to them and they would leave. This happened enough times that I began to wonder, if it was me or if they were really needing to go home. How strange? I never interfered with the play of the children using the park. I may not be 8, but I was still 8 in my heart, and adults have just as much right to play at a community park as anyone. I began to question myself though...at this point, I had been a pediatric therapist for about 6 years, I LOVE kids, and believed deep in my core on the importance of playing like a kid to stay young, healthy, and happy. After pondering, I realized it was sad that the parents weren't on the equipment playing with their kids, and weren't fostering the kid within themselves. I felt sad that the parents would pass such judgement on me, an adult who still enjoyed crossing monkey bars, doing flips off the sides, and hanging upside down. This was the first time in my life that I realized there is a cultural paradigm that adults don't play on playground equipment (I think it took me longer than most people to realize this). I also realized that most people believe that adult outside play is supposed to completely change with age. I wasn't going to let that stop me from playing at the park, and I never had an opportunity to go introduce myself to these parents, because it took me so long to realize what was happening, and that assignment was only a couple of months long. But, it gave me more of an appreciation for my inner child, the one that keeps me young, and the one that will encourage me to hang upside down on the monkey bars at the end of my jogs until the day that I pass...

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Here at E3 Twin Ports, LLC, we encourage you to feed that deep inner child. We encourage you to find a local park to play in on a regular basis, and we have a dream of building a playground specifically sized for adults someday...(if anyone knows of grants to help us make this happen, please let us know).

Until then, you can join one of our programs to feed your soul, mind, and body. Registration is open for our Women's Outdoor Adventure Group - Spring Hiking Series, Parent/Kid Music and Movement, and Wellness Coaching. We are currently restructuring our adult indoor fitness classes, and are working on summer programming, which will include Adult Groups and Children's Groups (Learning Science through Movement, Developmental Music/Movement, and others). We are also working on a "New to Duluth" series, to help welcome and introduce newcomers to our great area! If you know any local corporations/businesses that would like to share this with their new employees, please have them email us (info@e3twinports.com). Stay Tuned, and help us spread the word! :)

Encourage your inner child, improve your life,
and improve your health! :)
Do you know your inner child? Would you and yours like to join us for our adventures? Or, would you like us to help you find that inner child through Wellness Coaching? We are here to help. Research shows that people who feel younger than they are, are not only healthier, but they live longer (http://www.cnn.com/2014/12/17/health/healthy-aging/). And, those with a positive attitude, have a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease (http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/20/health/happiness-wellbeing-health/). E3 encourages you to find your inner child, and go PLAY! :) Because, we understand that when you play outside, you are not only being active, but you are more likely to have a smile on your face...A double bonus for health! So, why not encourage your inner child to help you feel younger, and live happier?! :)

Share with us, How do you encourage your inner child? Feel free to comment on our blog, or send us an email (info@e3twinports.com), we would love to hear from you.

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