Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spreading Wellness: How will you encourage the bees this year?

"Oh the buzzin' of the the bees and the peppermint trees.
Round the soda water fountains,
Like the lemonade springs and the bluebird sings
In the Big Rock Candy Mountain."
~Traditional Song~

This traditional song from our youth was so fun-loving and magical. To the dismay of my older brother, I would belt out this song as a child, reciting my "Wee Sing" tapes over and over again...

Now as an adult, this magical song has a new meaning.  As a child, I never thought about the buzzin' of the bees going away...I just sang about them, and remembered them when they stung my toes, because I ran around barefoot and I'd step on them as they frolicked in the clover.  Now, as an adult and an urban farmer, I think about them much more.  This past year we were hoping for some yummy pumpkins and squash.  We planted a number of starts, and as the season went on I kept finding beautiful male and female flowers, but no pollination.  So I started to pollinate manually...something I've never had to do before. My manual pollination worked, but it was late, and as you can see, our squash were tiny. We did eat them, but hope for a better crop this year. My neighbor told me that we should consider bee-keeping so that our crops can flourish....and we have started wondering if we should jump on the bandwagon of bee-keeping. Did you know that one in 3 bites of food depends upon pollinators? Along with the obvious fruits and vegetables, this also includes two of my favorite food groups - coffee and chocolate. :) YUMMY! I had known about the Bee decline prior to last years growing season, but this heightened my awareness about the problem that we face. I started researching what we can do, and befriended a member of the Lake Superior Bee Club. They have great resources to help educate the world on this issue. Did you know that some greenhouses still treat their flowers with neonicotinoids that harm the bees? Another big challenge is the "treatment" of lawns. Bee friendly lawns have not been treated with harmful chemicals. For more information, check out the The Lake Superior Bee Keepers website, to see how you can help these amazing creatures...which ultimately will help us to continue to eat delicious food, and drink our morning cups of coffee. :)

Here at E3 Twin Ports, LLC, we truly do our best to live and practice what we teach. Our holistic wellness flower (seen below in our trifold) describes our philosophy. It was created after the beauty of the sunflower (a bee friendly flower), which our owner loves so much! We enjoy Wellness Coaching (see attached poster), helping people learn how to create healthy lifestyle habits, and maybe take little steps toward growing their own food. We love teaching parents how to help their children learn to eat fruits and vegetables. The research shows that kids who are involved in growing their own fruits and vegetables are more likely to eat themBut, in order for any of this food to grow, we need healthy bees to pollinate our crops. 

Have you thought about these wonderful little animals as your friends before?  Have you ever pondered what really creates the food that we eat?  Have you thought about bees and their struggles? How will you help our bees flourish this year? If everyone takes just a small step to improve their "bee friendliness" each year, we can make a great impact as a community.

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We do many things...but lately we've been spreading wellness by sending this message...
"Live Happy, Dream Big, Smile, and Play Outside!"

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  1. Thank you everyone who has sent us positive feedback! We hear that it will help a few of our readers stop and think before they spray pesticides on their lawn this year! Small steps, that is what we encourage here at E3. Thank you again! We truly appreciate being able to spread our passion about holistic health and wellness topics through this blog. If you would like to share a message publicly on this blog, please feel free. We would love this blog to become an avenue for positive community conversation. Make it a great day, and until next week, BEE Happy! :-)