Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spreading Wellness: What has travel taught you?

Travel was part of my childhood, one of many things that I am forever grateful. One incredible bundle of memories that taught me how to read maps, budget, travel inexpensively, the meaning and power of anticipation, history, the reason to embrace geography and our vast wilderness...explore, adventure, have fun, and learn!

As I grew into adulthood, this love of travel stuck with me, and I sought it out. It truly invigorated me. I took a number of road trips and oversea adventures with friends and family. And, I also chose to embrace the life of a traveling therapist for 3 years. With each new assignment, whether it was 2 months or 9 months, I needed to relocate to a new town or city...usually far across the country. With each new relocation, I needed to reacquaint myself with trails, libraries, outdoor adventure, and people. As a young professional I sought sports and recreation as a way to meet like-minded and fun folk in the new towns that I lived. I found pick-up hockey leagues, or other travelers (traveling therapists) who wanted to explore the wilderness. One time a landlord introduced me to his mountain biking buddy, and yet there were times when I explored solo for the entire duration of the assignment. Always, I had amazing experiences, and the memories will last forever...helping shape me into who I have become. Some towns were friendly and welcoming, others were cold. When I was in a place that was less than welcoming, I took that time for peaceful solo exploration and reflection on life's journey. I knew though, that I couldn't live a life in solitude, and I wanted to find a "home" that was not only full of adventurous opportunities, but also welcoming, with happy people. I learned about the significant differences in cultures across our beautiful USA, and I decided when I found a place to call "home" I wanted to become part of the community that made newcomers feel welcomed. It made such a difference for me as I was traveling around the USA to live in towns/cities that had welcoming people and opportunities, and challenging to live in areas that made me feel like an outsider. It is not easy to relocate as a professional adult, because there aren't the natural meeting locations like college, where there are others excited to make new friends. Many adults have their circle of friends, and are okay not adding to their circle. I found that social well-being is much more difficult to master as a professional adult than I anticipated, especially when relocating. I moved to the Twin Ports just 3 short years ago, and I am creating my "home" here. I have met some fantastic people, and found some gorgeous areas to explore!

With this past experience in mind, I have teamed up with E3 Twin Ports, LLC, and we are launching a new program, with introductory rates! "Explore Outdoors, New to the Twin Ports!" This 6 week outdoor adventure series is meant to give newcomers a taste of the amazing outdoor opportunities that the Twin Ports has to offer. And, we welcome them with open arms! Long-time Twin Ports residents are absolutely welcome, and we hope that this mix of newcomers with "long-timers" will help to spread a little bit of cheer to those new to our area. We will show you some highlights including a disc golf course, hiking trails, biking trails, and one of our favorite destinations, Ely's Peak. Research shows that social well-being plays a major role in our overall health and wellness, so we are excited to launch this new program. Sign up today! Pre-registration is required, and ends April 9th, or when the class fills. Space is limited.

And, if you have a family, our next guided group family hike is going to include a Scavenger Hunt! We will be meeting in the Superior Hiking Trail parking lot on the corner of Highland and Skyline in West Duluth. Pre-registration is required by mid-night on March 11th (that's tomorrow!), so don't delay! :) We look forward to sharing this gorgeous section of the SHT with you and your family, all while engaged in a Scavenger Hunt! :)

Travel has taught me many things, including the importance of social well-being, the importance of welcoming newcomers, and so much more! What has travel taught you? Will you join us in welcoming the newcomers to the Twin Ports? We welcome you.

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