Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spreading Wellness: Who has helped encourage an eruption of ideas within you?

At 6:30 on a Saturday morning, the little one came downstairs with random curiosity. "What do you know about volcanoes?" So I explained that I had watched 2 very different kinds of volcano eruptions, one in Hawaii and one in the state of Washington...took out the picture book to share photos and stories, and then since her curiosity continued, I asked if she would like to make a volcano. It was welcomed with excitement, so by 7:00 we had the playdough out, along with construction paper, baking soda, vinegar, and art supplies to make the best volcano ever! And, shortly afterwards, our kitchen was filled with pungent odors, squeals of excitement, and "can-I-do-it-agains?!" And so our day began.

As a scientist, I love experiments and experiential learning. I am passionate about fostering an exciting learning environment filled with the use of as many sensory experiences as possible, talking, touching, doing, tasting, smelling, moving...I know those aren't very scientific names of learning, but kids don't want to hear "let's use our olfactory nerve now by mixing vinegar and baking soda." No, they want to hear an excited voice saying, "want to make a volcano?!" And then work in fun educational opportunities to deepen that experience.

Still in my pajama's, working on volcano creations, I realized my little ones curiosity had sparked an eruption of ideas in my head for expanding E3! :) An outdoor science and movement program for kids would make a fun summer learning series! And so, I have spent the past couple of months creating a science based program for this summer. Our registration and official launch is being prepared, and we will share our launch, or in volcano terms, our "eruption of ideas" at the Northland Wellness Community Day, this Saturday, March 28th, 2015.

Join us there, meet us in person, and register for any and all of our fun programs! This will be our big release, and we are so excited! :) We are also guiding a family hike in the Bagley Nature Area at 10:30 a.m., so you can come and experience E3 for yourself. If you cannot make it to the Community Day, you can simply check out our website and Pinterest for our offerings, and email us to register...but registration won't open until Saturday, and that is when we will launch all of our web information as well. All programs have limited space, so be sure to stay tuned! :)

Fostering the learning curiosity of children (of all ages) is something that comes naturally to our owner here at E3 Twin Ports, LLC. She enjoys helping everyone, young and young alike (yes, that is intentional), to lead healthy, happy, and meaningful lives - using the outdoors as her classroom.

Have you ever made a volcano in your kitchen? Has anyone helped encourage an eruption of ideas within you? If so, what are they? We would love to hear! For us, it is often the children in our lives that help encourage us to think in unique ways...to spark eruptions of thoughts, ideas, questions, & dreams within us...to look at life from a very different and refreshing angle...to stop and ponder their curiosities...which helps us all to grow.

For more information about E3 Twin Ports, LLC, check out our website, follow us on Pinterest, like us on Facebook, and email us with any questions info@e3twinports.com.

E3 Twin Ports, LLC
E3 = Energy and Empowerment through Exercise

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