Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spreading Wellness: What do windows and humans have in common?

There's a hard SE rain, pounding against the house and windows, as if the heaven's opened up. The results left me feeling a little devastated and overwhelmed. Water was quickly entering my "new home" through the upper part of one window. I had been in the house for only a couple of months, but already had found some major repairs that needed to be made....not really repairs, but rather, fix things that had not been done properly. This made me wonder about the window in the same way....what corners had been cut when installing the window?! As humans, we tend to think the worst. As in, we seem to be hard-wired for negative thinking. I asked my significant other to come and look at the window to see what could be wrong. He found some trim that didn't seem right, but also looked above the window, because water is a difficult problem to isolate. Knowing that my energy audit had revealed some big challenges, he too was thinking worst case scenarios. We tried a few different "fixes," but we always needed to wait until the next SE windy rain hit to see if the "fix" had worked. Every time, water. The trim was off the inside as we pondered this challenge. Then months later, he thought we should try to re-caulk both windows. Whalla! It worked! We put the trim up in the house, I made new curtains (the others were water stained), and the living room no longer looks like it is under construction. What I had dreaded to fix, dreaded to find the core problem, turned out to be a simple fix, costing only the price of one tube of caulk.

Sometimes we as humans think about our health in the same way. We feel overwhelmed at the thought of eating healthy and exercising. We think we need to make big changes/improvements if we make any at all. When in reality, we are similar to the window. The previous owner had simply neglected the general maintenance to keep the window from working optimally.

Clients often tell me - I've tried dieting before and it doesn't work...I used to have a gym membership, but I get intimidated by those around me, so I don't go...or, I hired a personal trainer for a month, and it was fun, but it was too hard for me, so I quit. That's the thing. Short term dieting doesn't work. It is about eating a consistent healthy diet. Gym memberships work for some people, but are not for everyone. What we need is a general and consistent maintenance lifestyle...looking at our holistic health. Balancing in our families, friends, and loved ones. Focusing on one element of health and forgetting the others is not ideal for creating resilience. Finding ways to bring FUN into your wellness plan, and creating healthy lifestyle habits, instead of 2 or 3 month surges is going to help you weather life's storms...just like re-caulking your windows will help your home to withstand the elements.

Does this still sound overwhelming? E3 Twin Ports, LLC is here to help you with your maintenance plan. We will help you assess your overall health, help you realize goals to lead a healthy, active and meaningful life, and then we will help educate you on ways to create realistic healthy lifestyle habits. How? We offer one of a kind group programming - we combine science-based wellness coaching with outdoor recreation programming. These are 6 week courses that provide an opportunity for you to begin creating a habit of movement in the outdoors, while learning about yourself, your goals, and how and why to create a holistically healthy lifestyle. We enjoy teaching everyone how to age youthfully! Our next programs begin Mid-June, and space is limited, so register early! (info @ e3twinports.com)

We are also starting a community outreach project tomorrow morning. We have heard that there are very few programs for people with a "middle ground" fitness level. So we are starting a free Wednesday morning fitness group! 6:30 a.m. anyone interested can meet at the Merritt Park playground, and we will run, bike, and do body weight strength training. We'll switch it up each week, and tomorrow, we will head out for a 30 minute jog - using a mix of trails and sidewalks.
E3 Twin Ports, LLC
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E3 Twin Ports, LLC
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spreading Wellness: What will you emerge on your journey?

Spring is here, maybe. Friday it was nearly 80 degrees & the middle Park Point beach parking lot was over-full, over the weekend we were in winter hats working outside, and yesterday I was watching birds, gorgeous iridescent birds, sitting on top of our fence with their beaks in the air catching snowflakes. It was hilarious! :) My husband considers it spring when he sees his first Robin, but I usually wait until I see the first butterfly fluttering around gaily in the warmer breezes of spring. I have not seen the first living butterfly yet, but my internal butterfly has emerged!

As you may know, E3 was a dream for many years. About a year ago I began dabbling with business ideas and programs...I learned a few things that work, and many that didn't. In the fall, I decided to go for it, and made the leap. I was like a kid, jumping off of a high point and flapping my arms hoping to fly. I kept blogging, and putting E3 out there, as if going back up to that high point and trying again. Then, 2 amazing women came to me with an idea that was sparked by one of my posters...and the Women's Outdoor Adventure Group was formed! This time, my jump went somewhere, not full flight, but I was gaining momentum. This group allowed me to realize E3's focus, and by the end of the 6 weeks, I had gained wings! I realized that I, owner of E3 Twin Ports, LLC, am first and foremost an educator who absolutely is passionate about 2 things - getting outside to move and educating & coaching people about sustainable healthy lifestyle choices - to help us all lead healthy, active, and meaningful lives into our elder years! These ladies brought sunshine every week (seriously, it was sunny and gorgeous all but one session), and they also helped me to get back up on that railing to try again - releasing my internal Butterfly! So, on our last night, I made them all little butterflies as a token of appreciation, and declared them all a part of my Butterfly Club! Click here for an inspiring video re-cap of our great 6 weeks!

Would you like to experience E3 Twin Ports, LLC's group wellness coaching combined with outdoor fitness programming?! You CAN! Check out our website for Wellness Packages. We have 8 programs on the board for this summer, including 5 adult programs and 3 kid programs (blogging on kid programs to come). We are so excited to offer the only outdoor group wellness coaching in the Twin Ports! These groups offer initial holistic health assessments and re-assessments at the end of 6 weeks. The participants will help plan the locations, types of adventures, and educational topics. Participants will be practicing what we are teaching each week, and will experience a positive group of people with a common vision. Every week there will be a lesson, and optional homework to help you dig deeper on your journey. We will provide a little journal for you to take notes to help you reflect and grow. You will be encouraged to start wherever you are at on your journey, and we are happy to be your facilitator.

Please share with us: If you were to emerge an animal, what would it be? For us, we feel like Butterflies, fluttering around happily pollinating beautiful nature...and since we visualize our community as a beautiful garden, and our clients as beautiful flowers, we see ourselves spreading seeds of wellness throughout our community. We hope that you will join us for our summer programming, space is limited. Gather your friends and join our wellness movement today! Sign up by sending us an email (info@e3twinports.com), we will send you all the registration information that you need.

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Energy and Empowerment through Exercise
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You do not need a gym to age youthfully.
"Live Happy, Dream Big, Smile, and Play Outside!" ~Jodi L. Tervo Roberts, My Life Motto~

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spreading Wellness: What have you learned from Lego's?

Have you ever walked through your living room and stepped on a sharp Lego? Do you remember building Lego's when you were a child? Most people have some recollection of these amazing little classical toys. Lego's are a big part of our house.

Last week, our Lego Friend junkie asked me what I was doing as I sat in front of the computer and typed away. I informed her that I was blogging, and she asked to read it. So I showed her a few posts...and could see her little wheels turning. She then asked me if I could write a blog about Lego's. Hmm...I pondered it for a bit, and then asked her, "What have you learned from Lego's?" Below is her response, quite sophisticated for a 7 year old, at least that is what this biased blogger believes. :)

...I learned that they keep me busy for hours and hours....I build them and have fun...follow directions through pictures and words...they help me to dream and give me good dreams...to use my imagination...they can make a whole town with many cars, jeeps, bikes, scooters, people, pets, trees, birds, cats, raccoon, bears, dolphins and water, and you and Daddy will help me if I ask.

"Nice!" I responded after typing down everything she said, and then told her I'd see what I can do. She then set up her little Lego's and told me to take pictures, because all of my posts had pictures. She is truly amazing, and teaches us something new every day!

What does this have to do with E3 Twin Ports, LLC? Everything! E3 encourages everyone to reflect upon their individual lives, so you can learn and grow. Lately, as we've been building our summer curriculum and programming, we've been reflecting upon the research we've learned and experienced about "the power of reflection." Take any small piece of your day, and reflect upon it to learn and grow. Dig deep. This will help you find the true meaning behind the lesson that you learned. Reflection and critical thinking are significant components of creating sustainable healthy lifestyle habits, and that is what E3's mission is.

In our "signature 6-week outdoor programs," we encourage you to reflect on a variety of wellness areas, and then we provide education each week about the science of health, wellness, and happiness...and how we can all age youthfully! :) We will tailor the educational topics around the group requests as best as possible. Registration is open for all of our summer programming. Each program is limited to 15 people, so sign up soon! We look forward to meeting you! If you have questions, please don't hesitate to send an email to info@e3twinports.com.

Begin practicing for our programs! What can you reflect upon today? For me, I pondered what I could learn from the little one's request to blog about Lego's...and realized that Lego's taught me that you are never too young to learn from reflection. It taught me that I should ask our little Lego Junkie to reflect more often about the simple joys in life, and continue to encourage her critical thinking skills. Please share with us, what have Lego's taught you?
E3 Twin Ports, LLC
Energy and Empowerment through Exercise
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spreading Wellness: How do you define "health?"

From a small to a medium.
"I'm not a small anymore; I wear a medium now!" These were the words of our 7 year old the other weekend as we cleaned out her closet...as she continues to grow like a weed...and her cloths are handed down to family, friends, and thrift stores. This simple statement made me ponder the work that I do, coaching adults on healthy lifestyle...Adults who often are discouraged by the size of cloths they wear. This statement reminded me of the many times in life when "size" has come up in various conversations....and how sometimes people use it synonymously with "health." It made me ponder the concept of size, and when perhaps, the media and others have influenced us enough to make us question if we look beautiful at the size that we are, or if we should try to be smaller. When is it that we go from being excited to move up a size, to being unhappy with the size that we are? This is not the case for everyone, many people are happy with where they are at. However, I've come across many adults that aren't truly happy with their current size. The scale + height + waist measurements is the definition of health for too many people. We at E3 encourage you to look at a more broad definition of health...including lifestyle, blood test results, smoking, happiness, blood pressure, eating habits, and how you handle stress to list just a few.

Health is a lot more than simply a size of clothing, and the scale. Health is much bigger than that, and sometimes, it starts with loving yourself for who you are, at your current state of being. Then, it is easier to begin incorporating other healthy lifestyle habits slowly into your routine. Not that you aren't already healthy, but maybe you want to work on growing your personal flower. It is much easier to "water your flower" with healthy habits if you love yourself.

Spring is coming, the time of year when we begin to come out of hibernation...the time of year that it becomes easier for us to be more active...a fantastic time of year for positive habit formation. Just as the rain waters the lilac bushes, we can water our own internal flower, and growth will occur in our outdoor environment as well as our internal environment.

Would you like a fun way to engage in healthy lifestyle habits? Join one of our outdoor based wellness coaching programs! Our next Women's Outdoor Adventure Group starts April 21st, and registration closes TODAY! (Send us an email to register.) Our summer programs begin mid-June, and registration is open for them as well. See our website for all of the details. We are planning 8 programs for this summer!

We enjoy hearing from you. Please share with us...how do you define "health?" What do you put into your "health" formula?

Will you join our wellness movement?
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Energy and Empowerment through Exercise.

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