Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spreading Wellness: How do you define "health?"

From a small to a medium.
"I'm not a small anymore; I wear a medium now!" These were the words of our 7 year old the other weekend as we cleaned out her closet...as she continues to grow like a weed...and her cloths are handed down to family, friends, and thrift stores. This simple statement made me ponder the work that I do, coaching adults on healthy lifestyle...Adults who often are discouraged by the size of cloths they wear. This statement reminded me of the many times in life when "size" has come up in various conversations....and how sometimes people use it synonymously with "health." It made me ponder the concept of size, and when perhaps, the media and others have influenced us enough to make us question if we look beautiful at the size that we are, or if we should try to be smaller. When is it that we go from being excited to move up a size, to being unhappy with the size that we are? This is not the case for everyone, many people are happy with where they are at. However, I've come across many adults that aren't truly happy with their current size. The scale + height + waist measurements is the definition of health for too many people. We at E3 encourage you to look at a more broad definition of health...including lifestyle, blood test results, smoking, happiness, blood pressure, eating habits, and how you handle stress to list just a few.

Health is a lot more than simply a size of clothing, and the scale. Health is much bigger than that, and sometimes, it starts with loving yourself for who you are, at your current state of being. Then, it is easier to begin incorporating other healthy lifestyle habits slowly into your routine. Not that you aren't already healthy, but maybe you want to work on growing your personal flower. It is much easier to "water your flower" with healthy habits if you love yourself.

Spring is coming, the time of year when we begin to come out of hibernation...the time of year that it becomes easier for us to be more active...a fantastic time of year for positive habit formation. Just as the rain waters the lilac bushes, we can water our own internal flower, and growth will occur in our outdoor environment as well as our internal environment.

Would you like a fun way to engage in healthy lifestyle habits? Join one of our outdoor based wellness coaching programs! Our next Women's Outdoor Adventure Group starts April 21st, and registration closes TODAY! (Send us an email to register.) Our summer programs begin mid-June, and registration is open for them as well. See our website for all of the details. We are planning 8 programs for this summer!

We enjoy hearing from you. Please share with us...how do you define "health?" What do you put into your "health" formula?

Will you join our wellness movement?
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  1. After this post a couple of our friends posted videos that relate to this topic. We are sharing them, from our readers. Thank you, ladies for pondering this post in a positive way. :) We love all of our followers, and appreciate when you interact with us and share your thoughts.