Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spreading Wellness: What do windows and humans have in common?

There's a hard SE rain, pounding against the house and windows, as if the heaven's opened up. The results left me feeling a little devastated and overwhelmed. Water was quickly entering my "new home" through the upper part of one window. I had been in the house for only a couple of months, but already had found some major repairs that needed to be made....not really repairs, but rather, fix things that had not been done properly. This made me wonder about the window in the same way....what corners had been cut when installing the window?! As humans, we tend to think the worst. As in, we seem to be hard-wired for negative thinking. I asked my significant other to come and look at the window to see what could be wrong. He found some trim that didn't seem right, but also looked above the window, because water is a difficult problem to isolate. Knowing that my energy audit had revealed some big challenges, he too was thinking worst case scenarios. We tried a few different "fixes," but we always needed to wait until the next SE windy rain hit to see if the "fix" had worked. Every time, water. The trim was off the inside as we pondered this challenge. Then months later, he thought we should try to re-caulk both windows. Whalla! It worked! We put the trim up in the house, I made new curtains (the others were water stained), and the living room no longer looks like it is under construction. What I had dreaded to fix, dreaded to find the core problem, turned out to be a simple fix, costing only the price of one tube of caulk.

Sometimes we as humans think about our health in the same way. We feel overwhelmed at the thought of eating healthy and exercising. We think we need to make big changes/improvements if we make any at all. When in reality, we are similar to the window. The previous owner had simply neglected the general maintenance to keep the window from working optimally.

Clients often tell me - I've tried dieting before and it doesn't work...I used to have a gym membership, but I get intimidated by those around me, so I don't go...or, I hired a personal trainer for a month, and it was fun, but it was too hard for me, so I quit. That's the thing. Short term dieting doesn't work. It is about eating a consistent healthy diet. Gym memberships work for some people, but are not for everyone. What we need is a general and consistent maintenance lifestyle...looking at our holistic health. Balancing in our families, friends, and loved ones. Focusing on one element of health and forgetting the others is not ideal for creating resilience. Finding ways to bring FUN into your wellness plan, and creating healthy lifestyle habits, instead of 2 or 3 month surges is going to help you weather life's storms...just like re-caulking your windows will help your home to withstand the elements.

Does this still sound overwhelming? E3 Twin Ports, LLC is here to help you with your maintenance plan. We will help you assess your overall health, help you realize goals to lead a healthy, active and meaningful life, and then we will help educate you on ways to create realistic healthy lifestyle habits. How? We offer one of a kind group programming - we combine science-based wellness coaching with outdoor recreation programming. These are 6 week courses that provide an opportunity for you to begin creating a habit of movement in the outdoors, while learning about yourself, your goals, and how and why to create a holistically healthy lifestyle. We enjoy teaching everyone how to age youthfully! Our next programs begin Mid-June, and space is limited, so register early! (info @ e3twinports.com)

We are also starting a community outreach project tomorrow morning. We have heard that there are very few programs for people with a "middle ground" fitness level. So we are starting a free Wednesday morning fitness group! 6:30 a.m. anyone interested can meet at the Merritt Park playground, and we will run, bike, and do body weight strength training. We'll switch it up each week, and tomorrow, we will head out for a 30 minute jog - using a mix of trails and sidewalks.
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