Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spreading Wellness: What will you emerge on your journey?

Spring is here, maybe. Friday it was nearly 80 degrees & the middle Park Point beach parking lot was over-full, over the weekend we were in winter hats working outside, and yesterday I was watching birds, gorgeous iridescent birds, sitting on top of our fence with their beaks in the air catching snowflakes. It was hilarious! :) My husband considers it spring when he sees his first Robin, but I usually wait until I see the first butterfly fluttering around gaily in the warmer breezes of spring. I have not seen the first living butterfly yet, but my internal butterfly has emerged!

As you may know, E3 was a dream for many years. About a year ago I began dabbling with business ideas and programs...I learned a few things that work, and many that didn't. In the fall, I decided to go for it, and made the leap. I was like a kid, jumping off of a high point and flapping my arms hoping to fly. I kept blogging, and putting E3 out there, as if going back up to that high point and trying again. Then, 2 amazing women came to me with an idea that was sparked by one of my posters...and the Women's Outdoor Adventure Group was formed! This time, my jump went somewhere, not full flight, but I was gaining momentum. This group allowed me to realize E3's focus, and by the end of the 6 weeks, I had gained wings! I realized that I, owner of E3 Twin Ports, LLC, am first and foremost an educator who absolutely is passionate about 2 things - getting outside to move and educating & coaching people about sustainable healthy lifestyle choices - to help us all lead healthy, active, and meaningful lives into our elder years! These ladies brought sunshine every week (seriously, it was sunny and gorgeous all but one session), and they also helped me to get back up on that railing to try again - releasing my internal Butterfly! So, on our last night, I made them all little butterflies as a token of appreciation, and declared them all a part of my Butterfly Club! Click here for an inspiring video re-cap of our great 6 weeks!

Would you like to experience E3 Twin Ports, LLC's group wellness coaching combined with outdoor fitness programming?! You CAN! Check out our website for Wellness Packages. We have 8 programs on the board for this summer, including 5 adult programs and 3 kid programs (blogging on kid programs to come). We are so excited to offer the only outdoor group wellness coaching in the Twin Ports! These groups offer initial holistic health assessments and re-assessments at the end of 6 weeks. The participants will help plan the locations, types of adventures, and educational topics. Participants will be practicing what we are teaching each week, and will experience a positive group of people with a common vision. Every week there will be a lesson, and optional homework to help you dig deeper on your journey. We will provide a little journal for you to take notes to help you reflect and grow. You will be encouraged to start wherever you are at on your journey, and we are happy to be your facilitator.

Please share with us: If you were to emerge an animal, what would it be? For us, we feel like Butterflies, fluttering around happily pollinating beautiful nature...and since we visualize our community as a beautiful garden, and our clients as beautiful flowers, we see ourselves spreading seeds of wellness throughout our community. We hope that you will join us for our summer programming, space is limited. Gather your friends and join our wellness movement today! Sign up by sending us an email (info@e3twinports.com), we will send you all the registration information that you need.

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