Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spreading Wellness: How have you grown through loss?

Early in life I experienced great loss...the loss of inspirational friends and loved ones, to cancer and car accidents. Friends that would have grown up to be great leaders and good people, that would have helped to spread smiles. I remember sitting on the floor of my bedroom, sobbing and wondering the infamous question, "Why?" These moments significantly shaped me into who I am today. For me, the support of positive friends, family and my faith helped me through these times of struggle, seeking quotes and verses about hope and love...always remembering, always compassionate, forever in love. Not easy, but gaining resources and daily support to work through the millions of questions that ran through my adolescent head. Realizing at this young time in life, that we never know how long we have, so it was my duty to live to my fullest potential, and focus on having fun...spreading joy...to try and share positivity and love with the world, just as my former friends would have done. This has been something I try hard to keep at my core. Sometimes it dims, and sometimes it shines brighter. Life is about the little moments...that is one mantra I began adopting in early adulthood. I continue to seek the strength and courage needed to remember this internal mission.

Yesterday, I heard news that one of my friends/mentor, lost of his wife...his dearest friend in life. Both amazing and truly inspirational people. My thoughts go out to him and his family. Reflecting on the positive influence they have had in my life, and knowing the loss that will be felt by all who knew her, it brought back the feelings and memories of all of the losses in my own life...reminding me of this internal mission in life. I remember many times, not knowing what to say to those in need, and simply extending a hug. I learned early on that kindness can be felt, and hugs are a great way to show that love, support, empathy, and compassion. Recently, I was listening to a Tedx by Matthew Leiberman, on our social brain. He demonstrated why social connection is actually the base of Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs, and physical needs such as water, food and shelter are above these social needs. It made sense. If you are interested, click here to watch.

Yesterday, E3 Twin Ports, LLC also gave a "Safety, Body Mechanics, Health and Wellness" presentation for the employees at Northern Engineering. (Thank you, Northern Engineering for hiring us to help with your Corporate Wellness!) Besides sharing and demonstrating the importance of engaging the transverse abdominus and erector spinae muscles prior to performing a squat for proper lifting, we also briefly shared the connection between a happy and healthy "home life" and a happy and healthy "work life." We shared the importance of including friends and family in your wellness plan. Why? We know and understand the importance of social connection to overall health, wellness, and happiness. We learned this at an early age, and continue to research the neuroscience behind social well-being.

The science of social connection is one reason behind our program structure. We have set up group experiences for all of our programs - Retired and Active, Preschoolers, Elementary ages, and everyone in between. For more information on our programs, please visit our "Wellness Packages" page. All programs have limited space, and registration closes 2 weeks prior to the start dates. If you have questions, please send an email to info@e3twinports.com. We are excited to help spread wellness throughout our community through these outdoor wellness programs, and we hope that you and your friends will join us.

Did you know that friends and family, social connection, empathy, and compassion are vital to our survival? We encourage you to share your story about adversity, support, love, encouragement, hope, and how you grew through the experience. We never know how our stories can help someone else in time of need. We never truly know who we inspire by sharing our story. We encourage you to let your words of support and encouragement ripple through sharing.

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