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Spreading Wellness: What milestone are you celebrating?

Dreams of earning a degree were shot down multiple times. Seeking a new life that included positive encouragement and growth were vital to future success. It took hard work and passionate self-love to grow into a position to allow positive change. 4 years ago, he was ready, he was open to positive change, and 2 years ago, committed to a lifelong supportive and positive relationship. He overcame and continues to overcome stress and anxieties beyond his control. Together we overcome. We foster a relationship filled with growth, love & reassurance. He is motivated by the past and envisions the future. He focuses on the small steps to accomplish his dreams...counting the semesters off each Christmas and spring. And with the help of his wife, he pauses to celebrate along the way.

Lake Superior College - Spring 2015 Graduation
On May 18th, 2015, Lake Superior College recognized the accomplishments of hundreds of graduates earning diplomas, certificates and degrees. A beautiful ceremony, with brief, meaningful, and heartfelt words from everyone who spoke. The guest speaker, Jennifer Crown, and the student speaker Deanna Keller, both had stories to share that touched the hearts of our family...knowing first hand the depth of their words, and the hurdles they overcame to get where they are today. As the story of Deanna was almost verbatim to my dear hubbies, tears welled up in my eyes. As a passionate teacher at Lake Superior College it made me wonder how many of my students share that same story. Her words made me want to know the stories that brought all of my students to campus - to find that connection - to be there more for them - and lend them an encouraging word when needed...more than I do already - for after hearing these powerful speeches, it made me feel more compassion for my students.

CONGRATULATIONS! We are super proud of you.
Also, congratulations to all of the graduates of 2015!
One of the many graduates that crossed the stage was my amazing husband, a man of heart, passion, strength, and perseverance. Yes, the opening story belongs to him. A man who was also part of the "first generation" graduates. A man who has dreamed for many years of graduating with an engineering degree, and finally had the support and encouragement to pursue his dreams. And now, we are celebrating his accomplishments of the past 2 years, and the future, for he has been accepted into a 4 year engineering program! We are super proud of him!

Pausing this weekend, we celebrated the moment together with family and friends, among the clouds, fog and rain, just like we celebrated our "new beginning" exactly 2 years ago. As a teacher of holistic wellness and positive lifestyle habits, I encourage everyone of you to take a moment to ponder a milestone in your life that's worth celebrating. We all have accomplishments that need recognition. Pausing to sincerely celebrate the moment can be what it takes to motivate continued growth.

I'm sure you have heard about, if not read at least one of the many Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Jack Canfield is the originator of that series, and is also known as "America's #1 Success Coach." His books and writings have inspired me for many years, and when I paused to ponder this weeks blog, Jack Canfield's writings on celebration came to mind immediately. Click HERE to read one of his blogs, where his #6 Strategy is to Celebrate Milestones.

At E3 Twin Ports, LLC, we are absolutely passionate about teaching and educating our community (including our readers) about these positive holistic lifestyle habits. We believe that everyone who participates in our programs will be inspired and empowered to grow or create more positive lifestyle habits, so that everyone can age youthfully by leading a healthy, happy, and meaningful life.

If you would like to "Experience E3" without committing to a full 6-week program, Pre-Registration ends this Wednesday, May 20th at mid-night for one "Experience E3" outing on May 27th. For full details click on this facebook event link, or email us with questions. To Pre-Register, send us an email. (info@e3twinports.com).

We are passionate about educating our community on holistic health and positive lifestyle habits. We look forward to helping the health of our community, one program at a time. :) We understand the power of celebration and motivation. Please, share with us - What milestone are you celebrating?

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Jodi with her family. :)
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