Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Spreading Wellness: Who's gem will you help shine a little brighter today?

Rocks. They are everywhere, and something about them draws me in. I love pretty rocks. The love of my life laughs at me, because I stash "pretty rocks" in little corners and pockets of my truck...I take them in the house...I stack them up...paint them...and I take pictures of them to hang on the wall. I find a deep sense of peace in rocks. I'm not a geologist, so I usually don't know much about the rocks, but I do know when they are pretty. Nature creates such simple beauty.

Recently, I heard an analogy of a special woman who was compared to a gem, multi-faceted and deep. This made me pause and think about friends, colleagues, neighbors, and all the people that we pass by, but never stop to talk. Which then reminded me of the friendship ball pit youtube video. And, as I'm currently working on putting together a presentation submission for a conference this fall that is focused on compassion, it reminded me about the importance of growing the connections in our community...to get to know the multiple facets that make up everyone. Because, I believe that connection with others comes before compassion.

This past weekend, I led a BWCAW trip with another teacher from Lake Superior College, and on the bus ride up to Sawbill Outfitters we talked about hobbies. It was so interesting to hear about other facets of this colleagues life...ones that if we hadn't been riding a bus for 3 hours, we wouldn't have necessarily known about. Then I spent 3 days with 7 wonderful students, and we talked about everything from religion and politics to food and life dreams. We connected. Back on campus Monday, instead of passing a stranger by, we stopped to reminisce about the trip and how our bodies felt after the intense physical weekend. We were beginning to show and share empathy and compassion with each other...because we got to know, connect, and experience the multiple facets of each other...We got to see the gems within each one of us.
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We at E3 Twin Ports, LLC fully believe in the power of connection, and the incredible outcomes that can emerge from deeper connections with members of our community. That is one reason why we designed our group classes, using the outdoors, and experiencing together. We know and understand the science behind connection, positive lifestyle habits, and educating and experiencing together. We have so much more to learn, and are continually doing research on holistic health and wellness. And, we are passionate about sharing what we learn with our clients. Everyone who signs up is able to choose from a list of places to explore and topics to learn about, so every session is tailored to the group as best as possible. We know that clients who feel important enough to share input into the lesson are going to take the most out of it. We know that everyone signing up for our classes is a gem, with multiple facets, and we want to help each gem shine their brightest.

Who is the special gem in your life? Or maybe you have many. Who's gem will you help shine a little bit brighter today? We encourage you today, to ask one person that you pass by to share a little bit more about themselves. Find a connection with them that you didn't know before. Help their internal gem to shine just a little bit brighter, and we believe that in that process, yours will too.

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Jodi L. Tervo Roberts
E3 Twin Ports, LLC
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