Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Spreading Wellness: How do you foster your personal garden?

Winter held on tight, and what we "typically" consider spring seemed to last even longer, but eventually, we were able to plant our gardens. Our family considers ourselves to be urban farmers, with a vision of growing most of our own food (well, vegetables, fruits, and roots). We have pondered chickens, and even laughed about the idea of getting a neighborhood goat so that we don't need to mow our lawns, and we could all benefit from the milk and meat at some point in the process. :) All in good fun, it is a fantastic moment when we see the seeds grow into plants, the flowers begin to bloom, and the bees and butterflies fluttering between them all. The first harvest of greens and garlic teased our taste buds, as we dream of the taste of fresh picked food filling our plates, mouths and bellies...perhaps we will be able to do that in just a few more weeks.

This literal garden can also be thought of as an analogy for our circle of friends. I see our friends and families as gardens as well...if we nurture our own health, wellness, and relationships, our personal gardens grow...and so do those around us. We sometimes think of the storms in life as too big to get through, and only obstacles that we can do without. However, if we look at them as challenges that we need to overcome in order to learn and to grow, we can make the most of the outcome (Maaher Sayeed sparks good insight into this in his Ted Conversation)...just like seeds in the earth require storms and rain to grow.

Thinking of the humans that surround us as our very own gardens, we need to nourish ourselves and those around us, so we can become beautiful gardens of health and happiness. If we radiate health and happiness, those around us will catch on, and those that we surround ourselves with will continue to multiply that health and happiness. Did you know that friendships can help boost your health, and help you with positive lifestyle change and continued habits? This article by the Mayo Clinic shares a nice summary about health and friendships.

As the article suggests, it is sometimes easier to make positive lifestyle changes if you have a group of positive support. That is why we are offering educational house parties! Invite your circle of friends, and all enlist in one of our programs together, fully customized to your group needs. We will meet you wherever you are at on your journey. Maybe you and your friends/colleagues/employees need a weekend retreat with real beds and healthy meals. Maybe you are looking for more bonding through a weekend/weekday retreat into the wilderness of the Boundary Waters. Or maybe, you are looking to embark on a 6 week wellness journey together. If you are looking for something different, but similar, we are willing to work with you to meet your needs...and we are willing to travel. We know and understand that some of our readers live outside of the Twin Ports, but we are willing to consider a few (or more) hours of driving to help spread health, wellness, and happiness, so don't be shy. If you want to gather your friends/colleagues/etc., to have fun while supporting each other on a journey of health and wellness, so that you can grow your gardens, email us today at info@e3twinports.com to book your house party.

We enjoy hearing from our readers, so please share with us: How do you foster your personal garden?

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Spreading Wellness: What story has inspired you to keep pursuing your dreams?

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education and movement outdoors.
"Your class has helped my financial wellness," one student told me.

I replied, "Really? Can you please explain?"

The early 20 year old responded with something like: Yes, before I took this class I was taking very expensive diet pills, I had no energy and felt crummy. I have quit taking them, so I'm saving a ton of money! Now, I have more energy, I went from academic probation to the straight A honor-roll, I was accepted into the program of my dreams, I have lost weight, and I feel great!

I was absolutely astonished! This beautiful young woman had been taking diet pills?! And, I was able to inspire her that much!?!

This scenario happened quite a while ago, but it still runs through my head frequently. I felt so honored that she shared this with me. Positive feedback is what helps me to thrive. So whenever I wonder how much I really make a positive difference in peoples lives, I reflect upon the positive feedback given to me by my students and clients. This one has been the cherry on top of them all. I am passionate about educating my students and clients about holistic health and wellness, and it felt so good to have made such a positive impact in this young persons life. We talked about living holistically healthy lifestyles, the positive ways to schedule your fitness activities to improve academics, positive body image, positive energy, self-empowerment, health, and realistic habits that are sustainable. This feedback was a dream come true, and it motivates me to continue pursuing my own dreams of a sustainable and flourishing E3 Twin Ports, LLC.

In case you have ever wondered about diet pills yourself, here is a nice article written by the Mayo Clinic: Over the counter weight loss pills.

I have been through a number of challenges in life, and someday I might share a poem that I wrote about that very thing...when I work up the courage to be super vulnerable...but these life challenges have inspired me to use movement in the outdoors to overcome, and to continue my personal education (Formal and Informal) in the areas of health, nutrition, lifestyle, and flourishing, so that I can help others. Stories like the one I shared above keeps me going in this direction, and I'm very passionate about it.

E3 Twin Ports, LLC is not just about diet and exercise, and there is no magical pill...We empower individuals to age youthfully, by educating our clients on ways to lead healthy, happy and meaningful lives.

We are offering opportunities to host a house party, where you invite your friends to come and listen to an educational presentation on a health topic of your choice. The house party educational piece is free - our treat to help spread wellness. At the end of our presentation we will share a small bit about our 6 week programs and individual coaching, and if 5 people sign up for a program, the host will receive 10% off of the price of a program; however, if 10-15 people sign up the host receives 20% off. If you would like to schedule a house party, please send us an email (info@e3twinports.com). We will be happy to join you and your friends for a couple of hours of education and fun. We will tailor it to your needs.
E3 Twin Ports, LLC Owner, Jodi L. Tervo Roberts
She can be reached at info@e3twinports.com
Please share with us, what story has inspired you to keep pursuing your dreams?

Live Happy, Dream Big, Smile, and Play Outside!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Spreading Wellness: What is your favorite green space?

Photo by: Jodi L. Tervo Roberts
Skyline - West Duluth
Spring has finally sprung, and it seems like summer might be right on time. According to our calendar, Summer begins on Father's Day, this coming Sunday. :) Last night I was out for a bike ride, enjoying the gorgeous deep green of the trees. Aaah. It fills my soul to be engaging in physical activity among the trees. And since we live in Duluth, there is always a hill for extra "intervals," that comes with a reward of a beautiful vantage point of the St. Louis River or Lake Superior...whether you are road riding or mountain biking, walking the sidewalks, or hiking the Superior Hiking Trail.

After finishing my ride last night, I wondered how many Duluthians actually get out to enjoy the immense amounts of green space that we have...so this morning I did a little searching and found a document by the Seagrant at UMD. Although it is from 2001, it seems like it should still be a fairly accurate representation of the use and appreciation of our green space. In the 3 years that I've lived here, I've seen an increase in use of our neighborhood park, and that makes me happy. :) Page 4 of the document says that 84-93% of the people surveyed use the areas around lakes, streams, overlooks, forests and shoreline. Impressive!

Why does this make me so happy as the owner of E3 Twin Ports, LLC - a business based on the outdoors? Because that means we all have experienced some health benefits of the wilderness! Did you know that there are many health benefits of getting out into the wilderness/green space? I'm sure you did, it seems only natural, right? But perhaps the list of health benefits that was composed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation will have a few positively surprising benefits. According to an article that they posted, forests can help to boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, decrease stress, improve mood, increase ability to focus (even in children with ADHD), accelerate recovery from surgery or illness, increase energy levels, and improve sleep.

We at E3 Twin Ports, LLC have experienced these benefits, and hope that you do too. Summer is the perfect time to get into a healthy habit of movement outdoors. Would you like help to get started? Would you like to have an assessment of where you are at, some coaching to help you stay motivated, and then have a re-assessment to see your results and improvements to help keep you going? Contact us (info@e3twinports.com), and we can schedule one-on-one coaching with you. We enjoy working with individuals, and helping infuse excitement for movement outdoors, to help our clients lead the life they imagined by leading healthy, happy, and meaningful lives, all while aging youthfully. :)

Please share with us - Do you get out to enjoy greenspace on a regular basis? If so, what is your favorite? We'd love to hear! (Even if you aren't a Duluthian - we enjoy learning about other great potential vacation locations.)

E3 Twin Ports, LLC owner, Jodi L. Tervo Roberts
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E3 Twin Ports, LLC owner, Jodi L. Tervo Roberts is passionate about helping people to age youthfully, by leading healthy, happy, and meaningful lives.

Live Happy, Dream Big, Smile, and Play Outside!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Spreading Wellness: What do you do to relax, rejuvenate, and restore?

Photo by: Jodi L. Tervo Roberts - Owner and Blog Author of E3 Twin Ports, LLC. www.e3twinports.com

Summer is a time when we can all enjoy some more outside time. :) My family enjoys camping, and that is just what we are doing. We will be back to a normal blog next week. Until then, think about taking time for yourself, so you can relax, rejuvenate, and restore yourself. :)

Make it a great week!

Live Happy, Dream Big, Smile, and Play Outside!

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Spreading Wellness: What was one of your "Sparkling Moments" this week?

Sun, happiness, and a feeling of radiant joy permeated the neighborhood. Children's laughter, lawn mowers running, and the smells of grilling filled the air. Glorious! We sat on the porch much later into the evening than normal, conversing with friends, listening to the trickle of water from a "pretty project," better known as a fountain, that I had completed that evening. Seriously, these are the moments that we Duluthians cherish, because we never know when we will see another day so beautiful. This past week, we had one of the "summer days" that comes so rarely, and I couldn't have asked for anything more that day. However, as I was crawling into bed, with the windows open, the warm breezes gently tapping the hardware from the window coverings against the window pane, and peace filling the room, there was a streak of light and a big "BOOM!" Oh my, FIREWORKS! Seriously! I sat up smiling, and found my camera to watch the show. It must be the Duluth Huskies opening night, and they always had a great display. :)

The best part of this show was that almost every firework went off in perfect alignment with a red maple just outside of our house. So every time the fireworks sparkled, it looked as though the tree was sparkling. Beautiful! There was no better way to end the day, than with an unexpected fireworks display to sparkle the trees outside of our window. I called this the "sparkling moment," instead of the "icing on the cake."

In our Wellness Coaching sessions, we help our clients find those "sparkling moments" in their day. Sometimes these moments propel us forward with excitement, other times they bring us peace, but they always spread positivity. E3 Twin Ports, LLC owner, Jodi L. Tervo Roberts, is passionate about applicable positive psychology practices. She teaches about these practices with her individual clients as well as her group 6 week series. Registration is closing soon for E3's first summer series programs, but individual coaching is open at all times. Send an email to info@e3twinports.com to register for either. We will send you all the information that you need for the program of your choice...including a survey with choices of educational topics and exploration.

We encourage you to cherish your "sparkling moments." Last week we enjoyed sparkling trees. Every day has sparkling moments, if we pause to reflect. One positive psychology tip is to write down three positive events in your day, every night before bed. So please share with us, what was one of your recent "sparkling moments?"

Registration Deadlines:
Simply Hiking - June 8
Women's Adventure - June 2 (TODAY!)
Retired and Active - June 3 (TOMORROW!)
New to the Twin Ports - June 11
World Culture Aerobics - June 4 (THURSDAY!)
3-4 year old Music and Movement - June 9
5-6 year old Learn Science through Movement - June 9
7-10 year old Learn Science through Movement - June 8

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