Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Spreading Wellness: What does it take to say, "I am a success!"?

This morning I invite you to pause for a few moments to think about the following question(s): What are your hurdles to the healthy lifestyle habits that you might dream about? Think broad...of course there are the focus points for many health and wellness improvements of fitness & weight lifting habits, but I urge you to think about outdoor exploration (including your family if you have one), eating healthy locally grown meals & cooking at home, gardening, socializing & community involvement, spiritual growth, quiet time of reflection or meditation, and others...Why are you successful with some? What hurdles might get in the way of others?

Sometimes finding an activity that combines multiple areas of wellness is helpful.

When I pondered this very question in regards to outdoor movement, for myself, and clients, one theme reoccurs. The unpredictable weather. For me, the heat is a big concern, so getting out early in the morning helps me. But for others, a common theme has been, it is cloudy and rainy, too cold, too windy, I don't know how to dress and need to think too much to get into a simple routine.

When pondering the other areas of wellness the answers typically vary much more...the grocery stores don't carry very many local products, and I can't make it to the farmers market...joining a CSA wouldn't make sense for me because I couldn't use all of the produce before it went bad...I can't take time for myself, because I feel guilty (this one is often shared)...it is difficult to meet friends when you are an adult if you don't have a dog or children...I don't have a green thumb...and the list could go on. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

In a previous career I enjoyed teaching kids with a variety of physical disabilities how to move, but it was my hope that I taught them much more than movement. I had 3 rules - Be Respectful, Always say "I'll try," and everyone's favorite - Have Fun! One fantastic 9 year old struggled with one mental block more than his physical abilities - he was in a habit of saying "I can't." It didn't matter what the task, new, old, physical, academic, etc. He always said "I can't." So of course, as you know, he would fail before he even started...so throughout the school year I worked with him on throwing skills, eye-hand coordination, etc, but we mostly we worked on breaking his "I can't" habit and replacing it with a new habit of "I'll try." He would laugh and hit the target every time by the end of that school year...and when I asked him if he wanted to teach a friend how to throw (as a way to test his skills), he was excited, and I knew his "I can'ts" had dissipated, when he excitedly answered "YES!" After a fun-filled year, he had finally succeeded! I think about him often...he should be in High School now, and I do hope that the life lesson that I taught him during his Physical Therapy sessions have continued with him. That was his hurdle to success, and he overcame it. What are your hurdles? What are your successes? And finally, what is your plan for moving forward toward your goals, visions and dreams?

If you have another 12 minutes to listen to one amazing story - No Excuses, No Limits, by Luca Pattuelli at Tedx Montreal, please click the link. Luca shares his passion, and encourages us all to be individuals.

Please share with us, What does it take for you to say, "I am a success!"?

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