Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Spreading Wellness: What triumphs and challenges have shown you the real meaning of empathy?

Have you ever wondered about the interconnections of life, or pondered what creates community, and mini-communities within each large community? 

Riding a motorbike has demonstrated to me a strong sense of community, connection, commonality, and even has demonstrated a deep sense of empathy. No matter if I am heading towards my bike, riding it, or near it, I am often stopped by faculty, staff, students, and otherwise random strangers, who would have easily passed me by if I hadn't been a biker. I have broken down in my regular vehicle before, dusk settling in quickly, with no cell phone reception, actively looking for help, but it has taken sometime hours for someone to stop. However, when riding my bike through the country roads of Wisconsin with my husband last summer, my bike died, and he didn't realize it. I knew he would turn around eventually, and it took him maybe 5 minutes to come back.  However, within that time, another fellow biker had stopped to see if I needed help. I wasn't actively looking for someone to stop, I was just sitting on my bike, on side of the road, waiting patiently. This feeling of empathy comes through a strong sense of community among the biker world.  At least that is my perception. I love being able to meet other individuals and have real conversations with them, simply because we have a common hobby...the love of the wind blowing across our faces, and the changing elements in the environment. These frequent occurrences of connection through biking, made me ponder the true meaning of empathy a little bit more...there are many hobbies that might connect someone, but none as strong as my motorbike... Then I found this video by Christine Carter, on the power of empathy. It brought to mind how often motorbikes break down, and/or simply need frequent TLC. Perhaps it is because everyone who has ridden a motorbike has needed help at one time or another, in order to make it back home...so we all know the feeling and can deeply understand and relate to the need for assistance.

Another place that I have seen empathy grow deep in a group, within a short amount of time, is in the Boundary Waters (BW). BW Experience Trips and Retreats are a great way to help with group bonding, and empathy. This natural environment leads to easily and naturally requiring a group to work together through both triumph and challenge. This past spring, a group that I led showed amazing growth - from strangers to friends in 3 days. Missing tent poles, hanging bear bags, and long rocky portages were all a part of the growth process.

Would you like to experience the Boundary Waters? Do you have a group of people (Friends, Corporate Leaders, Colleagues, or other) that would like to experience the BW on a guided trip with E3? We would be happy to lead your group, and help you experience growth. Send Jodi an email to discuss options: info@e3twinports.com. And experience for yourself, the growth of the community that you bring into the wilderness.

Please share with us: What triumphs and challenges have shown you the real meaning of empathy?

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