Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Spreading Wellness: How do you start your day?

Photo by: Jodi L. Tervo Roberts
Skyline Parkway - a beautiful way to start the day.
 Did you know that there is some truth to the old time saying that you need to get your work-out done early in the day? Ok, I know that not everyone wants to start there day at 6:00 a.m. sweating and exhausted, but have you ever thought about it from a different angle? Think of this...it is 6:00 a.m., the tea kettle is whistling on the stove, ready to pour over coffee grounds or a tea bag, depending upon the day and your preference. The windows are open and the birds are chirping. The sun is beginning to rise, and you are dressed and ready for a road ride. You meet up with friends at 6:30. The roads are quiet, there is a gentle breeze, and you feel the damp dew that lingers in the air as you begin a heart pumping climb up to Skyline Parkway. The views of the river are second to none, and the glistening sun over the Big Lake is a reminder of why you moved to the Twin Ports (Duluth/Superior). As you descend the hill you watch the lift bridge rise, removed from the chaos that the bridge brings to the traffic flow of Canal Park, and while watching where you are biking, braking as needed, catch glimpses of the big salty passing under the bridge as you close a wonderful ride. When you get home, you feel energized, shower, and are ready for a day of work or play...and you know one thing. You don't have to stress over getting your work-out in. For, it is already behind you, and nothing will get in its way. And now, you have improved your energy for the day...combining heart-pumping fitness with the peaceful beauty of our natural world.

Yes, this is how I like to start my day. For many years I have enjoyed an early morning work-outs, whether it is jogging, biking, or yoga. I have lived all over the country, and have found friends to join me for these early mornings...creating accountability while fostering social and physical wellness. Sometimes, we have started at 5:00 a.m., so we could make it to our early morning day-jobs, and other times I've started as late as 7:00 a.m., but always, it is the best way to start my day.

Registration closes Sept. 10th, 2015. Register
by sending info@e3twinports.com and email.
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E3 Twin Ports, LLC already provides a free weekly fitness outing on Wednesday mornings from 6:30-7:00 a.m. starting at Merritt Park (however, tomorrow's in canceled because we are in the BWCAW, so look for our FB post next week.) (If you are interested in joining us, send an email to info@e3twinports.com. All you need to do is sign a waiver, and you are welcomed. :) But, we are also planning to start a regular early morning intermediate to advanced fitness level, 6 week series this fall...details to come. We are looking for feedback of the most convenient neighborhood parks for those interested. If you would like one to meet in your neighborhood park, gather your friends, and please send us an email (info@e3twinports.com). We are excited to get feedback. Please spread the word.

However, because we know that most people are not 5 a.m. risers, we are starting our fall program launch with 2 evening programs. They are open for registration. Space is limited to the first 15 participants, and closes in just a couple of weeks, so sign up today! (Details on the poster photos in this blog.) We want to help you with your health plan, using the beautiful outdoors - in almost all weather. We rarely cancel a class. Overcoming the elements is a big part of personal growth and resilience. E3 Twin Ports, LLC is more than outdoor recreation programming. Every program includes an educational piece on holistic health and wellness. There is also an option to add on a holistic health and fitness assessment and re-assessment (individual or group). The group assessments will be held the same evening as the first and last program, and individual assessments will be scheduled to meet your needs. Email us with questions.

We are stoked about our 2 new evening programs, developing our morning programs and one-time E3 Experiences, and looking ahead at winter. Our morning program will be only 1 hour long, instead of our typical 1.5-2, as we believe that will accommodate more people. We look forward to your feedback.

Registration closes Sept. 3, 2015. Register 
by sending info@e3twinports.com and email.
We will send you the registration forms required.
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I enjoy starting my day off writing and engaging in outdoor fitness. Please tell us, how do you start your day?

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