Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Spreading Wellness: What does your foundation look like?

This past weekend, my husband and I finally tackled the challenge of permanently removing an invasive tree. What was it invading? Our garage. Yes, it was growing through the foundation skirting of our very old, antique garage. After lots of sweat from sawing and pulling, we finally broke the final root that was holding it in the ground. Stubborn it was. Grounded well. Foundation great. Once it was removed, the foundation of our garage was exposed....not so stubborn...not so grounded....foundation not so great. The walls have been tipping like the Leaning Tower of Pisa since I purchased my home 3 years ago, and the roof began leaking this past winter. With the skirting of rotting OSB board pulled away (from the tree), we were able to look at the foundation. It is no wonder why the garage doesn't seem so grounded...why it doesn't stand so straight, and why its roof is leaking...with just 3 4x6's placed on the dirt ground, and debarked trees set on top of those 3 boards, we have the full foundation of my garage. Between the bouncy floor of the garage that I stand on, and the dirt ground, is a space that hosts a wide variety of wildlife. Perhaps the bare ground is a perfect foundation for the homes of the many rabbits (that tried to eat our garden), the 3 squirrels that are busily planting acorns, and the invasive tree. But, it doesn't make the best foundation for a solid garage.

This leaning garage reminds me of the many patients that I've worked with, who came to physical therapy due to excruciating back pain...slightly leaned over to one side or the other, and their quality of life disheveled. Then, after participating in exercises, prescribed to improve their spinal foundation of movement, they would begin to straighten up and feel better With an improved foundation, we could teach them proper lifting techniques and body mechanics. As for our garage, we are trying to nurse it along, patching what we can to keep it from falling over, but I'm afraid that its foundation (rather lack there of) is not working in our favor.

Back pain and many other similar scenarios made me realize that I wanted to help people to build themselves a solid foundation of health and wellness, to help prevent these sort of injuries. To help the community in which I lived, to lead healthy, active, and meaningful lives into their elder years before they were injured. I wanted to work in the field of prevention, and help people to build a true foundation of health and wellness. Yes, this is yet another reason that I started E3 Twin Ports, LLC. Of course some of the patients that I saw had acute injuries and accidents that would have been difficult to prevent with a healthy lifestyle, however, most of them were micro-injuries (poor body mechanics over time) that built up to the "last straw" sort of event.

This is why education is a large part of what E3 does. Educating about proper body mechanics, and other holistic health topics before it is "too late." We are passionate about Wellness Coaching, but many times that is done in a sitting sort of way. So we came up with the idea of group wellness coaching, while participating in FUN outdoor recreation and fitness! We want people to practice what they are learning, and teach healthy lifestyle concepts in the field, which is why we have created fun, active and educational classes for you!

So I ask you, what does your foundation look like? Is it like my garage, or the tree that exposed the foundation of the garage? I am creating a "healthy lifestyle habit" quiz, and will reveal it next week in our blog and on Facebook. I encourage you to take the short quiz to see what your educational foundation looks like for youthful aging. Until then, perhaps you will sign up for one of our classes that we have open for the fall. Our Simply Hiking Class (for beginner fitness level, with customized education) closes for registration on Thursday. Our Bike, Hike, Learn (for intermediate fitness level, with customized education) closes on September 10th. Email info@e3twinports.com to register, and we will send you all of the registration forms. For more information on these two programs visit our website at http://www.e3twinports.com/personal-training-fitness/, or click on the posters in this blog.

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And last but not least for this week, Duluth Loves Local featured our owner, Jodi, in their blog! :) Check it out, and follow them on Facebook. They are a fantastic organization, supporting locally owned businesses.

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