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Spreading Wellness: What is the best oil for your engine?

Changing the oil on my truck was a much bigger undertaking than the old cars that I had. I'm a bit embarrassed to say, this was the first time I had ever changed the oil in my 12 year old truck, but it is true. I had taken engines in high school, and enjoyed working on my vehicles in my younger years...the little things like, oil changes, tires, & simple idle issues to name a few. But, when I purchased my truck, it came with oil changes for the first 4 years...and then I got out of the habit of doing it myself (that could be another blog). Since meeting my husband, he has been kind enough to change it for me. But, there is something to be said about knowing the workings of my vehicle, so I asked him to support me in changing it. He agreed, and I took to the task...not very enthusiastically, because quickly I found frustration in the placement of the oil filter. But, I persevered, finally had the oil drained, and was ready to put in the new. As I glugged 5.5 quarts of oil into the engine, I began pondering how the oil is the nutrition of the truck, just like food is the nutrition of our bodies. This really sank in when I poured the drained oil into an old 1 gallon oil jug. It all fit! (Minus a little bit of oil from the filter that went into a different container.) Do you get it? I put 5.5 quarts of oil into the truck, but just over 1 gallon (4 quarts) came out. The oil stick was not low when I changed it, but clearly oil in does not equal oil out.
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Sound familiar? This is also true in human nutrition! Calories in, does not equal calories out. Volume in, does not equal volume out either. Wow! Yes, I can find similarities to human physiology just about anywhere. Analogies are fun for me to ponder, and with the beginning of the new school year and fall classes for E3, I am working with students who ask questions about nutrition, healthy eating, the science of youthful aging, and more. So I ponder life analogies a little more often during the school year.
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There are so many diet fads advertised and marketing of food in mind-twisting ways, that many times my students are unsure what to believe. I admit, I'm a purist. A true scientist. So gimmicks and advertising don't penetrate my brain as easily as some. In fact, I enjoy finding the truth behind the label, and I make it into a game. Yes, I'm a bit nerdy, but it is a fun way to learn, and teach. :) The first question I ask my students when they ask about nutrition labels is, "do you need food that has a label?" The response is almost always the same...a puzzled look, a long pause, and then their answer. Sometimes the honest answer is, yes. In fact, for all of us, it would be very difficult to grow everything ourselves. But, perhaps we can limit the amount of "labels" that we consume?

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Jodi L. Tervo Roberts, Owner of E3
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Food and nutrition...a complex and very personal topic, but the one that is asked about in class the most often. Kris Gunners, with Authority Nutrition, an Evidence Based Approach, wrote a really informative article on Debunking the Calorie Myth, and why calories in does not equal calories out. She talks about the neural and hormonal circuits, satiety and metabolic pathways. She asks the question, "What if calories are a consequence of the weight gain, and not a cause?" (If you want the link, please email me, and I will happily share it, along with a brief explanation on why I didn't post the link here.) What I really liked about the article was that she shares the human physiology side of nutrition, in an easy to read article, and makes a person think about food from a different lens.

The type of calories that we feed our body is important. Nutrient dense verses calorie dense. Eat real whole food, shop on the outside of the grocery store (that does become habit), and enjoy what you eat. These are all topics that I talk about with my students, and often, they ask about recipes. Where can I find good recipes? For this, my go-to website is Jamie Oliver's. He is an amazing chef, educating our world about food and nutrition. Here are a few links to some articles that his company has written, and a few fun YouTube recipes from Jamie Oliver himself.
So the next time you sit down to eat a delicious meal, ponder your internal belief system around food. What is your relationship with food? Do you believe in calories in equals calories out, or will you expand to the thoughts of nutrient dense foods, whole foods, foods without labels, and shopping along the outside of the grocery store? Or better yet, picking food from your own garden to create a delicious meal?

Using our vehicle analogy...what is the best oil for your engine? What foods do you enjoy? What resource do you turn to for healthy cooking? Or maybe the question is, do you cook and teach your children to cook too?

I believe that the best food for my human engine comes from my garden as much as possible (I even tried growing my own legumes this year, and learned how to grow and make coriander!), then from the outside isle of the grocery store, and less from the inside of the grocery store. This said, I will be honest, I love my chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cheesecake, and fudge brownies. See a theme? :) And, I don't feel guilty eating them on occasion.

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