Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Spreading Wellness: What makes you smile inside and out?

After serving a left over waffle to my little girl, she asked me, "Is this healthy?" I responded with a, "not really, but it is ok to eat this sort of waffle sometimes." She had heard me the day before saying how this recipe made very greasy waffles, and I didn't think I'd make it again. We have made more tasty waffle recipes in the past, but I'm always game to try new ones. After about a month of eating a delicious pile of garden fresh greens and vegetables with eggs and fruit for breakfast, these waffles were a little treat. After she ate a few more bites she said, "You are a health nut." I was surprised and replied, "Really? You think so?" Her response surprised me even more..."Yes, but that isn't a bad thing, it's a good thing. My friends mom is too (with a smile on her face)."

This really made me think. She is 7, and ever since she was 4 we have been riding our bikes (from the tag-along to independent riding) in the summer to go grocery shopping & play at different parks. She asks 10 million questions, just like any other child, and I answer them as intelligently as I think her little brain can handle. She asks about nutrition, exercise, why we can't keep biking to the grocery store when the winter sets in, and a lot more age typical questions. I've wondered how much she retains, but I try to patiently keep answering whatever comes to her mind. My personal goal in life is to have a positive influence in her life, to empower her with the knowledge to make successful and healthy decisions in life, and to instill healthy lifestyle habits in her, mostly by example rather than preaching. And after yesterday's random comment about being a health nut, and it being a good thing, I celebrated inside. She gets it, and what I'm doing is helping her. She appreciates the way I answer her random questions, and this makes me smile inside and out.

E3's Fall 6 week series is in session! :) 
Healthy lifestyle habits is what I teach about in E3's classes as well...by doing and learning. Our Fall 6 Week, Hike, Bike, Learn class is in session. Last week we learned about the 4 types of resiliency, after riding on the Osaugie Trail in Superior, WI. E3 is in the process of planning the next 6 week series...maybe it will include Fat Bikes...still working out details, but stay tuned!

COMING SOON! Oct. 19 through December 18th. Pre-register
by emailing Jodi at info@e3twinports.com.
In the mean time, we have launched our ads on Facebook for the next chapter of E3's infancy. E3 has teamed up with the Fairlawn Mansion, and we are offering Yoga and World Culture Dance Classes (a Zumba Spin-off) beginning October 19th! :) Pre-registration is appreciated. Simply email me at info@e3twinports.com. There has been a super positive response via Facebook, so we are hoping for full classes. If you are on FB, feel free to like, share, and comment to help us spread the word! :) Even if you do not live in Superior, you may have friends who do. :)

Just a reminder, we switched our community outreach free day.
It is now on Fridays! FREE FITNESS FRIDAY's with E3.
We jog, sometimes bike, and sometimes do intervals or hills...
but we always have a good time! :)
I began this blog post by sharing my personal goal, and I'll end it with my professional goal/passion...which is very similar. I absolutely love helping people to lead healthy, happy, and meaningful lives, & create healthy lifestyle habits. I love watching their energy increase through exercise, or improve (slow down) through yoga and meditation. And, I love empowering my students/clients with the knowledge to make educated decisions for their future lifestyle habits. When I hear positive feedback from my clients and students, my heart smiles inside and out. Just like it did when my little girl called me a "health nut, and it is a good thing."

So I ask you, what makes you smile inside and out? I would love to hear. Engaged readers is something that helps me to smile too. :)

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