Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Spreading Wellness: What would you like to know about youthful aging?

Red flashing lights on the school buses are filling our streets today, the official first day of school for so many across our country. I can imagine the excitement of the kids getting on the bus this morning, the feelings of overflowing joy...securing their seats on the bus for the year...getting to see if there are any new kids in class...and meeting up with old friends.

As we send off our own children, it seems like a great time of year to consider how we will keep our own brains stimulated. Have you thought about taking a class or two? Just for fun? Or, are you continuing your education? For me, I am learning about marketing and entrepreneurship, so that I can be more effective in teaching my community about youthful aging. This feeling of excitement still engulfs me as I pursue new classes that I can take, and teach.

I teach at Lake Superior College as an adjunct in the Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Department, and every year, I teach my students about healthy aging. It is so much fun to watch their wheels spin, hear the questions that they have, and spark a real love of learning about their own health and wellness. It is with all of this in mind, that I created E3. I know there are other adults out there that are interested in learning the same/similar material that I teach to my students at LSC. It is also with this in mind that I created a little quiz for my blog readers, clients, and potential clients. I am passionate about helping people to live healthy, happy, and meaningful lives through outdoor recreation, fitness, and interactive educational presentations. And this is one avenue where I can share this passion. Yes, I am excited to share, hear what you learned, what you knew, and what you didn't. Feedback from my readers fuels me to keep writing.

This quiz is meant to share with you, the 8 topics of wellness that we focus our teaching/educational presentations on. Please check it out, and let us know how you did! :) We will have more sophisticated questions on our next quiz.

E3's Youthful Aging Overview Quiz

Let us know if you have questions, or want the links to the articles that we took our questions from.

Please share with us, what you would like to know about youthful aging. :)

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