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Spreading Wellness: Do you need to eat food with nutrition labels?

Photo by: Jodi Tervo Roberts,
owner of E3 Twin Ports, LLC
One nights harvest.
During E3's 6 week courses and wellness coaching sessions, nutrition always comes up. Whenever I begin the lesson (in the 6 week program), or engage in discussion (with wellness coaching clients), I begin with the question...Do you need to eat food with nutrition labels? This helps to understand where my clients are coming from. Rarely the answer is "no." Usually the answer is "Yes." Our society has evolved to the point that we no longer have the resources or time to seriously make everything from scratch. I know a few people with grain mills in their kitchen to process their own wheat, and butter churns to make butter from their cows milk, but I think I'm probably a minority in this. Even people that primarily cook from scratch need to go to the grocery store for their staple ingredients (flour, butter, etc.). So the simple fact of the matter is, yes, we do need to purchase food with labels. This said, there are ways to lessen the amount of processed (food with nutrition labels) food that we eat. So our discussions are typically around what to look for on the label, and to of course, continue eating (and many times increase) fruit and vegetables. :)
Photo by: Jodi L. Tervo Roberts,
owner of E3 Twin Ports, LLC
Home Grown Parsley.

This week the World Health Organization came out with a statement that brings this up once again. Out of the many articles that I read, I like the one from the New York Times the best. I saw one article that had a picture of a plate with bacon and cigarettes on it, but that is misleading. When statements are made by these big organizations, the interpretations are overwhelming, and many times misleading. If you are a person who grew up on meat and potatoes, can you imagine completely eliminating red meat from your diet? Then when we come to our senses, we think, but my Granny lived into her mid-90's, and she didn't die from cancer. According to the article in the New York Times, red meat is more or less on the radar, but it is the hot dogs, bacon, and other highly processed meats that are on the "hot seat." But still, the risk is much less than smoking cigarettes. This said, I encourage you to think about all highly processed foods. How much is in your diet? How little is in your diet? How do you define "highly processed?"

Processed food is a large umbrella term. Think about it. Many foods we eat (even if we grow it ourselves), need to be processed in order to eat. Picking a big batch of parsley requires me to pick through it, wash it, and because we have a nice over abundance of it, I am dehydrating it to use all winter. Yes, this is processing. Other foods we have canned in our kitchen, and yet some, we simply wash and freeze. This is all processing. This said, there is a difference in the way food is processed in the farmers kitchen and the big manufacturing companies...the types of cans used (glass, tin, white-lined tin), the preservatives that are put into it, and how long it took to get from the field to your house, are all factors to consider. If you are a farmer and process your own foods, what would your label look like? What did you put in your soil to help improve your crop? Is that different from the big food manufacturers? Have you thought about the process the food took to grow as part of your "processed foods" definition? How does that field preparation process affect the ground water, bees, your pollination, etc? Is this all a part of our world health/global health? I believe it is.

I like that the WHO brought this to light, and I encourage you to ponder what is being said, and know that there is a significant health risk difference between eating the meat from the cow your neighbor raised and smoking cigarettes. So, whenever you are reading headlines, please read with a critical mind. 

And, I challenge you, to begin thinking about what you can do to help the health of your body and your earth.  Not everyone is able to grow their own food.  But there are other ways to take mini-steps to eating healthier.  Is there something you can change to eat less processed?

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