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Spreading Wellness: What is your truth and why?

What is your truth? Do you know why you do what you do? 

These two questions have been on the back of my mind for many years, and I've had a couple different answers for them...and then in the marketing class that I'm taking, my coach asked me to share the "Why of E3." This really made me ponder, and reminded me of the Brene Brown Ted Talk on Vulnerability. The story that I share most often, is the easiest one to share....I have been working in the professional field of fitness, healthcare and wellness since 1997, and passionate about movement since birth. When I was working as a Physical Therapist Assistant, in pediatrics and geriatrics with patients who had long-term neurological disabilities, it was not their disability that predisposed them to premature death...rather it was lack of an active lifestyle. When I began pondering why they led a less active lifestyle, there are some obvious reasons...it is more difficult to be active. But also, the infrastructure of programming for all abilities and inclusiveness was not there. When I thought about the patients that I saw in the outpatient clinics, many of them were there because of inactive lifestyles as well....and so I went out on this quest to teach people of all abilities, using an integrative approach, how to incorporate healthy lifestyle habits into their daily life. 

Short and sweet, right? True? Yes, absolutely. This story is true...but it is also not the entire truth. I just gave a presentation/discussion titled: Compassionate Care through Personal Wellness at the St. Louis County Health and Human Services Conference, and many themes were reoccurring...themes that Brene brings up in her Ted, compassion, courage, connection, meaning, joy, & gratitude, which according to Brene are all connected to vulnerability. Along with this inward reflection, over the past few weeks, a few blogs that I follow have shared their entire truth, and encouraged others to do the same. These other blogs & Brene Brown helped me to think deeper into my why, and encouraged me to share the whole truth. I have practiced personal journalism for decades, but usually I keep them to myself. In the HuffPost, I found a couple of compelling articles about authenticity and truth as well. What does it mean to be your authentic self? & How to Know Truth. So with this in mind, I share, the real "Why" of my mission and what I do professionally, and yes, personally as well. 

Here at E3 Twin Ports, LLC we have 8 areas of wellness that we focus our education on…knowing that there are multiple components to each. (Emotional, physical, intellectual, cultural, social, occupational, environmental, and spiritual) 

Notes from our Blog Author, Jodi L. Tervo Roberts. This week, I am sharing a piece of my personal poetry. A number of people have implied that the reason I am healthy and active is because my life has been easy; but the truth is, it has been far from that. Yes, every time someone implies or straight out tells me this, my heart feels like it has been stabbed, but I haven't had the courage to share the truth at that moment, which I know doesn't help anyone. If only I had the courage...

I use holistic positive psychology strategies to lead the life that I do. The events in this poem have inspired E3’s mission…to help our clients and readers to age youthfully by leading healthy, happy, and meaningful lives. This poem is a practice of vulnerability – being "real," by sharing a tiny snippet of my personal journal writings…sharing how I have used all of E3's areas of wellness to lead a life that is filled with health, happiness, and meaning to the best of my personal ability. Sometimes floundering, but mostly cherishing...because I know that I am worthy of a healthy, happy, and meaningful life. I know I am capable of helping others, which is what I strive to do every day. Please share with me, your thoughts, and/or reflections on growth by commenting on this blog, or sending me an email (info@e3twinports.com). I thrive on feedback, and having interactive readers, clients, and participants. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and for listening.

I understand - therefore, I believe.

A Journal Entry Written by: Jodi L. Tervo Roberts, MS, CSCS, WFR
Owner, Programmer, and Blog Author for E3 Twin Ports, LLC

            I observed family and friends engage in cyclical dieting and others who were more “ok” with their size - and have seen the health benefits and detriments of both – therefore, I believe in the power of real food and being healthy at any size.  

            I love and have watched family and friends who suffer from mental health challenges use exercise as medicine - therefore, I believe in the power of movement.

            I was in a difficult relationship as a teenager, and never imagined that I would find a loving partner who would understand - therefore, I believe in the power of alternative medicine, positive social support, yoga, and meditation.

            I had 2 friends diagnosed with cancer, when I was 11 or 12. They ultimately paid the full price of life to this disease. I watched their ups and their downs, what made them feel good, and will always remember the words on the phone,"I think it is back..." - therefore, I believe in the power of tears, the healing qualities of nature, and the power of exercise/running to release emotions.

            I sat in the empty hallway and talked with a great friend before school started, every day...until, the weekend that he was killed in a car accident - combining reflections of my friends with cancer, and my friend who died in a winter car accident, I have pondered the meaning of life since a very young age.

            I have taught students from backgrounds less than ideal, and I married a man who's parents never finished high school. I've watched, taught, and support them as they use education as a way to break the cycle – therefore, I believe in the power of the brain and education to empower individuals to lead the life they are worthy of.

            I understand our clients have individual needs, and do my best to meet them. I enjoy watching students grow and glow - listening to their stories of going from academic probation to all A's, getting off of "diet pills" and feeling healthy, happy, and energetic, improving emotional health, and losing weight because of my classes - therefore, I believe in my teaching abilities and the power of group coaching and education.

            I now understand the importance of the conservation meetings that I attended with my family growing up, and the connection that all things have on society and the earth. I have researched how to make the greatest positive impacts - and I believe that E3’s programming is one step in that direction. I believe in the power of conservation education happening in the outdoors.

            I understand what it is like to live with only the possessions on my back and in my truck, - therefore, I believe in the power of minimalism.

            I understand the power of a well-integrated community, because I have experienced them - therefore, I believe that E3’s programs can help unite our multiple Twin Ports communities one citizen at a time.

I understand what it is like to work in toxic environments, where dreams are crushed, cut-downs are daily, and yelling is normal, and I know what it takes to get out and overcome – therefore, I believe in the power of "quitting."      

I understand financial hardships, economic downturns, unemployment and homelessness, and the continued challenges of climbing out - therefore, I believe in the power of prayers and the universe.

I understand the tear-jerking physical and emotional pain that comes from arthritis, the inability to walk home from work, the struggle to lift the hips to walk up stairs - therefore, I believe in the power of strength training, listening to the body, the power of positive psychology, and an active lifestyle.

            I understand the loneliness of being an introvert, not popular, invisible, and ignored…and what it took to feel more connected - therefore, I believe in the power of a hug, sports, and outdoor recreation.
            I have led students who have never been camping, into the BWCAW for 3 days, only to paddle about 1 mile and get "weathered," experience 40 mph winds, rain, and snow, later reading their journals to find out that their favorite part of the trip was the snow and being without technology - therefore, I believe in the power of the wilderness in all seasons and conditions.

Yes, this is Minnesota.
            Life has thrown many curve balls, many of which have flown by, but most of which I’ve hit. Learning from those that have passed, and equally learning from those that I have hit. I believe in the power of reflection to propel oneself forward, looking at life as an opportunity to grow and share, and perhaps most importantly, the power of living in the moment and cherishing the “good with the bad” as best as we can, to make the most out of life.

Please share with us...What is your truth and why?

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Jodi L. Tervo Roberts, Owner
E3 Twin Ports, LLC
Helping people to lead healthy, happy, & meaningful lives, while promoting healthy lifestyles through outdoor recreation, fitness, and interactive educational presentations.

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