Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Spreading Wellness: Will you join our challenge?

Photo taken by E3 Twin Ports, LLC
owner, Jodi L. Tervo Roberts.
"A smile is a curve that sets everything straight."
~Phyllis Diller~

Pause and ponder about a time when you were crying with laughter. 

You were likely with friends and/or family...a group of people, right? How did you feel as you left that gathering? Did you leave excited for the next time you could get together? As you prepared to leave, did you wish you could make the time last forever?

That is what laughter and smiling can do. According to Dr. Greengross and Dr. Furnham, laughter leaves you with a feeling of joy, and trust for those you were laughing with. It lowers blood pressure and heart rate, and increases breathing. But I wonder, the most intense laughter, the laughter that makes me cry, sometimes leaves me unable to catch my breath. Either way, laughter and smiling have some pretty powerful psychological benefits according to the experts in Psychology Today.

I just realized that I blog about smiling fairly frequently, as I saw that "WORLD SMILE DAY!" is tomorrow! :) I thought, WOW! I HAVE to blog about smiling if World Smile Day is coming! So I went back in my archives to look at what I've written about, and realized I've used many of my favorite smiling poems in past posts. No wonder people send me feedback that say's "Keep Smiling," and "I love your blog, it is a great way to start my day." If I'm talking about smiling, and it makes my readers smile, then every time you read it, happy endorphin's are pumping you up! :) YAY! On a serious note, this feedback makes me smile, and keeps me writing for you. My heart smiles when my participants, readers, and followers provide me with feedback. Now think about the positive impact you can have by smiling when you walk down the street, into work, at the grocery store, and when you are on the phone. Yes, the person on the other end will know if you are genuinely smiling or not.

The world will be a happier place if we share this gift that everyone has. The gift that can cross all lines of culture, religion, language, economic status, etc. The one language that is truly universal. So this week, I've come up with a challenge. I challenge you to share your true, genuine smiles. The smiles that make your eye muscles engage (read here). I challenge you to smile to strangers that you pass by. And, for a challenge that I can track, I've combined today's technology with your smile, I'm hoping to fill Facebook with Smiles, to spread happiness in the world. Challenge guidelines are in the photo below. Click the photo to go to E3 Twin Ports, LLC Facebook page.

Photo and edits by E3's owner, Jodi. She wants to clarify that the winner will receive ONE FREE Yoga or Dance session at the Fairlawn. Continue reading below to see how you can earn other discounts! :) 

One last topic, that should also make you smile. E3 and Fairlawn have teamed up to offer you Yoga and Dance at the Fairlawn Mansion. We have a FREE Open House in 1 week, and classes begin in 2 weeks! By attending the Open House, you have the ability to earn a discounted package. Check out the pictures below. We hope you can attend! The Fairlawn is GORGEOUS, and is a fantastic place to participate in Yoga and Dance. Yoga on the first floor (handicapped accessible), and Dance on the 3rd floor in the original Ball Room! How neat is that?!

So now I ask you, Will you join our challenge?

Here are two bonus reads on smiling.
Smiling and Relationships article.
Smiling and Mood Improvements article.

In the works...Our 1 year blog anniversary is coming up, and we will have a sweet quiz to celebrate. It will include questions from the research articles that we have referenced in our blog over the past year... Because celebrating and smiling go hand in hand. :)

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