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Spreading Wellness: What is your weather related outdoor story?

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What?! The "S" word? Yes, it is in the forecast. Duluth has been blessed with an absolutely amazing summer and fall, but inevitably, winter is coming. Yes, we might as well embrace the fact, and get out to enjoy the winter outdoor options. :)

Have you heard people complain about the weather? It is too cold, rainy, snowy,...I need to shovel...the wind is awful...and more. Yes, I certainly have done my fair share of complaining about the weather, but I really do my best to embrace whatever season is here. The most difficult thing for me personally, is when the sun doesn't shine, and we have heavy pressure changes. Although it is more difficult to get outside when it is cloudy, rainy, not necessarily your ideal weather, that is when it is even more important to get outside. Seasonal Affective Disorder and the Winter Blues are real. Fresh air helps us to sleep, to keep our mood up (link external about SAD, from the Chopra Center), and sometimes, when we commit to a group fitness class, or friends gathering, not only will it help our social health, it is sometimes the motivation that we need to get outside and embrace whatever nature has in store for us to enjoy the physical health benefits too. What is better yet? Our E3 classes combine 4 of the tips for helping to 'combat' the blues. Get Outside, Get Exercise, Connect with others, and Eat Clean. Our 6 week programs for women are outdoor, group (connect) experiences/exercise, and typically the participants want at least one educational lesson to be about food, healthy eating and nutrition. :) Yes, a lot of thought (and science) was put into our programming.
Photo by: Jodi L. Tervo Roberts, Owner of E3 Twin Ports, LLC
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Speaking about embracing the weather:
This summer I took 2 of my nephews to the Boundary Waters for a 2 night canoe trip. They had never been there before, but had heard their uncle sharing stories of crazy waves, portaging through rain, and the wilderness in general. They asked me to take them out, and I was stoked! :) Plus, we had such an amazing summer, I was excited to take them out in ideal conditions. We had a short loop planned, starting from Sawbill Outfitters, and when we reached the shores, the weather looked...well...less than ideal. But, we loaded up and found a campsite that was protected from the wind. The boys wanted to fish, and try a portage. We did get out fishing in a little cove before the wind started picking up. And, needless to say (as you can see in the photo), it poured...and due to safety reasons (including hypothermia potential, from cold temps, high winds, and soaked...everything. Yes, the rain was so heavy for 8-10 solid hours that even our rain fly started leaking), we had to canoe out one day early. We did walk a portage, but didn't take the canoe over. To look on the bright side...not only do we tend to grow as individuals when put through adverse conditions, they too, have stories to share with their uncle about less than ideal canoe conditions. :) 

E3's Winter Programs (Energy and Empowerment through Exercise)
I am in the midst of creating 2 amazing yoga programs, 2 women's only outdoor recreation and education programs, and 1 magical winter women's retreat at the Lodge at Giants Ridge! I am also working with 2 personal wellness coaching clients, and increasing corporate connections. E3 has something for everyone! Maybe you are looking for a Holiday gift, and are wanting to give the gift of health instead of something that will sit on a shelf? Consider purchasing a package for your loved one, or sending the special woman in your life on a magical women's winter retreat. Maybe you are someone who gets yourself something special around the holidays (I certainly do)...consider one of our upcoming programs. :) 

Details are still being finalized, but by November 20th, we will have registration open...and there will be a BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Stay Tuned! :) If you want to give a package as a holiday gift, I'll ask you to register your friend or loved one, and I'll send you a gift certificate to wrap. 

Look forward to:

Monday evening - Enlightened Yoga 8 week course, open to all. I will teach Yoga and Meditation. We will focus on a different chakra each week, while Shannon Flaherty teaches participants about the chakras and essential oils that can be used for each chakra meditation and yoga practice.

Tuesday evening - Women's Only Beginner/ Novice Fitness Level 6 week course. I will lead a snowshoe/hike (depending upon the snow levels), and teach about physical wellness, but the other 5 sessions will include an educational piece provided by a guest speaker. So far E3 has secured the following experts (dates yet to be determined)...Dick Haney (Environmental Wellness), Tiffany Kari (Spiritual Wellness), Kristina Polzin (Emotional Wellness), & Tony Macioce (Sleep and Health). This program is meant to help you get started on your journey to wellness. E3 believes that knowledge, understanding, and experiencing the benefits plays a vital role in making positive lifestyle choices. This program is sure to be fun and informative, plus, you'll be outside enjoying the winter beauty. :)

Wednesday evening - Women's Only Intermediate Fitness Level 6 week course. XC Ski, Snowshoe, and Fat Bike! Then have educational pieces surrounding women's health, and customized to the group requests. Jodi is working with Continental Ski & Bike, and a women leader from COGGS to pull off an amazing 6 week program! :)

Thursday evening - Yoga at the Fairlawn, open to all. 

Personal Wellness Coaching is available continuously. There is a FREE consultation, so don't be shy.

Corporate Wellness is available continuously as well. 

Coming February 24th - February 26th:
Winter Women's Wellness Retreat at the Lodge at Giant's Ridge - Yoga, Fitness Dance, Downhill ski (including lessons), XC Ski (including lessons), snowshoe, spa is available, outdoor campfire ring, and Women's Health Educational Presentations. Sure to be fun, and is open to all fitness and skill levels (from beginner to expert). So gather your friends, and watch for registration to open. To get on our information list, email info@e3twinports.com. I will send out an email as soon as registration opens. :)

So now, there are no excuses. :) Enjoy winter this year. Join E3 for one of the amazing programs, to continue your healthy lifestyle habits that you started this summer. :) 

E3 Twin Ports, LLC Energy and Empowerment through Exercise
E3 uses science-based health and wellness programming to help you lead healthy, happy, and meaningful lives, while promoting healthy lifestyle habits through outdoor recreation, fitness, and interactive educational presentations. :)

If you have stumbled upon this blog, and would like to be added to our list, simply email info@e3twinports.com, with "Blog Sign-up" in the subject line. I'll happily add to to our growing list of over 145 people.

E3 Twin Ports, LLC
Energy and Empowerment through Exercise
Owner, Jodi L. Tervo Roberts
Jodi L. Tervo Roberts, Owner
E3 Twin Ports, LLC
Helping people to lead healthy, happy, & meaningful lives, while promoting healthy lifestyles through outdoor recreation, fitness, and interactive educational presentations.

Website: e3twinports.com
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