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Spreading Wellness: What routine job brings you joy?

Photo and edit by: Jodi L. Tervo Roberts, Owner of E3
Energy and Empowerment through Exercise
The weather was shifting to the north, the cold winds were here, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner...it was a fantastic time to spend the evening doing family crafts, and reflecting on what we are grateful for. I try to instill the holistic health habits that I teach, into my family as well. Every now and again, we sit down and talk about "us" as a family, what we are grateful for in general, and what we are grateful for in each individual. It is a fantastic practice, and I do believe it strengthens us as a family. I have read a lot about the benefits of regular gratitude journaling (click here), but sometimes with a family it is hard to get it in on a daily basis...however, I have felt the benefits of occasional gratitude.

Recently, I ran across an article sharing the relational benefits of feeling gratitude, and it wasn't dependent upon a daily occurrence. Yay! I love when researchers take the time to research ideas that are more realistic for people...such as occasional expressions of gratitude. Although this wasn't about families, long-term relationships were still improved (click here to read more). When we asked our little one what she was grateful for about her Daddy and I, my heart and love bucket was filled. I have always known that I am a passionate teacher, and I have believed that I am a very good teacher...this fall a former student sought me out at a community event, and then introduced me to his father. To me, that is the ultimate compliment, when a college student introduces his teacher to one of his parents....and when clients tell me that they went out hiking with a headlamp because of my classes, something they wouldn't have done on their own before joining my classes...but to hear that one of the things that my little girl is most grateful about me is "teaching me," my heart filled with joy. This ordinary family time of making holiday crafts turned into a true gratitude bonding time. At the young age of 7, she has seen my most inner-self, a teacher, and she is grateful for it. 

Yes, this is a piece of my identity, and I want to share this love of teaching with all of my clients in 2016. I want to help you lead the life that you imagine, healthy, happy, and meaningful. I want to help teach you about women's health and wellness, and how to use the outdoors to help balance your life. I want my January and February classes to fill, so that this "ordinary job" can be turned into "Joy!" My heart is filled with joy when I can help others, and my dream is to help create a healthier and more united community through E3. 

Starting today, all of our upcoming classes have a Black Friday discount - 10% off! This sale runs through 11:59 p.m. on Friday. Get your shopping done early, so you can play outside on Friday (with your family and friends)! :) Gift certificates are available. Do you know anyone looking to truly improve their health? Looking for a more holistic view? Know someone who doesn't like the gym, but wants to start a routine of fitness? Our programs include fitness AND education, so that our clients know the "why" behind the healthy lifestyle habits and are empowered to continue on a journey of holistic health and wellness. 

Starting in January, we have 1 class a day. Click on this link to read more.
Mondays - Enlightened Yoga and Oils class - Jodi & Shannon Flaherty, alternative healer and oils specialist...open to men and women.
Tuesdays - Beginner Snowshoeing class for WOMEN only - with local guest speakers on a variety of health topics.
Wednesdays - Intermediate Winter Sampler class for WOMEN only - with women's health education customized to group requests.
Thursdays - Yoga at the Fairlawn Mansion - open to men and women.
Fridays - our Free Fitness Fridays continue at Merritt Park, open to men and women.
And, OUR NEW BIG ADVENTURE! - Organizing a Women's Winter Wellness Retreat at Giants Ridge! February 24 through 26. Click on this Event Brite link to learn more and begin registration.

For me, one routine job - the job of parenting - brings me great joy...and the day that E3's classes fill, will also bring me joy. Now I ask you, what routine job brings you joy?

I love hearing from my readers. Engaged readers also bring me joy, so please, share with me. I always respond. :) info@e3twinports.com.

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"A good life is a collection of happy moments."
PS - I wanted to have another "quiz" for you this week, but it will come...life happens in amazing ways, and the example of my little girl recognizing me as an amazing teacher is one of the biggest compliments that I have ever received...so I had to share this expression of gratitude during this week of Thanksgiving.

If you have stumbled upon this blog, and would like to be added to our list, simply email info@e3twinports.com, with "Blog Sign-up" in the subject line. I'll happily add to to our growing list of over 145 people. 

E3 Twin Ports, LLC
Energy and Empowerment through Exercise
Owner, Jodi L. Tervo Roberts
Jodi L. Tervo Roberts, Owner
E3 Twin Ports, LLC
Helping people to lead healthy, happy, & meaningful lives, while promoting healthy lifestyles through outdoor recreation, fitness, and interactive educational presentations.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with us, John. :)
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