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Spreading Wellness: Does your plan have you feeling a bit uncomfortable?

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As New Year’s approaches, you may have expected a blog about resolutions, goals, inspiration for getting started, and how to make it reality. Well, I am here to meet your expectations. J

Pause for a moment. Recall a time in your life when you made a life changing decision. Maybe it was deciding to go to college. Maybe it was deciding to purchase your first home. Maybe it was deciding to have your first child. Think about it....

How did it make you feel? Were you a little uncomfortable? Can you remember where you were when you made those decisions? Did you have a support network to discuss the pros and cons with?

What was your next step? Most likely, after you made the final decision, you then proceeded to make a plan. Once your plan was in place, you moved forward. 

New Year's resolutions and healthy habit formation goals require the same approach. Usually you need a support network. If they are truly new habits you are forming, they likely make you a little bit uncomfortable. You need to create a plan in order to move forward successfully. And finally, you need to act upon the plan. Although the action step is the most difficult, it is a very important piece to accomplishing a new healthy habit.

It sounds simple, right? But, we all know it isn’t easy. How do we make this simple task easier to accomplish? Since your first step is knowing you want to go somewhere, maybe your second step should be knowing that where you are going is realistic. Last year about this time I shared an article on resolutions by Kelly McGonigal. There are times in life when re-reading the same information is important, and I feel that this is one of those times. If you were following my blog last year, refresh your memory and re-read this well written article. If you are new to my blog, read Kelly's insights on how to create realistic goals, and then pause to consider how you can do this in your life. She is a psychologist from Stanford University, and I really respect her knowledge and perspectives. 

If you would like assistance with creating a plan for your healthy lifestyle habit formations, please consider hiring me to help you. I am truly passionate about wellness coaching, and I use a fitness centered approach. Although I can work with any fitness level, my true strength lies in working with people who are just getting started. I create a non-judgmental environment, that fosters empowerment in my clients. I offer a free initial consultation so that you can determine if my style will work for you and vice versa. I look forward to meeting you and/or your loved ones. To schedule the consultation, send me an email (info@e3twinports.com). I meet my clients at a local coffee or tea shop for the initial consultation.

If you already have a coach, or have a program in place, great work! I encourage all of you today, to gather some great social support for yourself, as you strive to meet those goals that you hold in your heart. And, as Zig Ziglar said, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!”

Then, share your accomplishments with me! :) I LOVE to hear about my readers & client successes. And, as always, I would love to hear your answer to the initial question - Does your plan have you feeling a bit uncomfortable? As for me, Yes, my personal wellness plan for 2016 does leave me with that feeling, but I look at it as an exciting uncomfortable. :)

To learn more about E3's upcoming 2016 programs, please click this link, scroll through to see what looks good (gift certificates are available). And, if you are interested in the women's winter wellness retreat, click here. Then, email me at info@e3twinports.com to register. :)

If you have stumbled upon this blog, and would like to be added to our list, simply email info@e3twinports.com, with "Blog Sign-up" in the subject line. I'll happily add to to our growing list of over 145 people. 

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