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Spreading Wellness: Who is your railroad friend?

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Who is your RR friend? By owner, Jodi L. Tervo Roberts
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The air was cool & sweaters were donned, as we strolled down the railroad tracks for a short walk into the sunset.  Deep in lively conversation, we were suddenly startled by a voice.  Off of another trail someone was looking for directions.  We stopped to help, and quickly learned we had fun commonalities.  Our short evening walk became much longer than anticipated by this random encounter with a new railroad friend.  Eventually, we showed him the start of the trail he was looking for, and exchanged contact information.  All of this was sparked by a book that I was reading at the time of meeting, “Before Happiness.”  My new RR friend is friends with the author, Shawn Achor.  Being open to connections through random meetings, and being passionate about reading and learning, has sparked a new friendship.
I’m sure most of us can share similar stories of connection and friendship.  We are all connected in some way, not only with other human beings, but also with our natural world.  The changing species of birds at the feeders and the chattering of the squirrels in the pine tree, remind us that a new season is in full swing.  The downed trees in the rivers remind us of the past flood.  And, the people that we pass by and exchange a smile, spreads happiness.  But, have you ever thought of a book connecting people and sparking friendships outside of a book club? 

During Wellness Coaching, I often recommend books that might help my clients to understand themselves or concepts that they are working on a little bit better. Books are fantastic resources for learning and connecting with yourself and others. The style of coaching that I offer is fitness based, which then opens the door for deeper conversations about healthy lifestyle habits...and starting your transformation at the place you are most interested in...completely customized programs based upon your needs. Lifestyle habit change does not happen overnight. It takes small changes that add up over time. If you attempt to change too many things at one time, you are bound to fail. If you start with one small change, you are more likely to keep the habit. Healthy habits, especially exercise, are the most difficult habits to start & keep, and as stated in "The Power of Habit" book by Charles Duhigg, it can take up to a year to become a true habit. This might sound overwhelming for some, but that is what I am here for. To help coach you through, create a realistically customized program for you, & be your cheerleader, so that you can make long-lasting healthy habits.

I believe that I have referenced researcher, BJ Fogg before, but in his Tedx Talk he shares the research behind my style of wellness coaching. Small behavior changes at a time, truly add up to significant changes. This research, both written and spoken is great, but the big reason that I use the style of coaching that I do, is because of the work that I have done with all of my clients, both young and old since 1997 when I started working with people in the fitness, health and Physical Therapy fields. I have had numerous compliments over the years about my "bed-side" manners, my ability to connect with clients, and how I make big hurdles seem like small ant hills. I appreciate these words of gratitude from clients, and it has motivated me to try and build a Wellness Coaching business around healthy lifestyle habit formation...knowing you do not need a gym to be healthy...and truly asking clients to dig deep to find their own unique definition of health and "why." And, perhaps, if the conversations end up at a place where I believe a book can help with understanding, &/or looking at the concept from a different perspective, then I will happily recommend a book. And, maybe then, you too will randomly connect with another person over conversations surrounding the book or author. :)

So, who is your railroad friend?  Has a book ever connected you before?  If not, I encourage you to be open to these random experiences and friendships.

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