Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Spreading Wellness: Have you ever experienced brain static?

Has your car ever acted up on you, and as soon as you brought it in the shop, it would not make the funny noise, or same problem that you have been having with it? Has your computer ever acted up, and as soon as you bring it to the "computer doctor" it runs just perfectly?

That is exactly what's been happening to me with my computer. As you know (if you regularly follow E3's Facebook page), I create at least 1 video on YouTube each week. Every Monday I release a Meditation Monday video. Sometimes hundreds of people see it, and sometimes a couple of dozen people. But, it seems to be a big hit. As with my blog, it is expected each week. My posts usually happen in the morning, between 7 and 8:00 a.m. Predictable and timely. That is what I want, because I think those are both key in building positive habits. Yes, I do my best to practice what I teach. :)

Hiking in the BWCAW is one way to be certain to get away
from technology, and to free the brain of static...
collecting happy moments. :)
Some things we simply expect to be reliable...like our car...and our computer. But, they are not always so. Yesterday morning, as I went to upload video to my movie maker software, the computer static returned. Ugh. I have at least 5 videos recorded and ready to create into meditations, and that is what I had planned for the morning. Get the first one done and published by 7:30 a.m., and then have a few others ready for the upcoming weeks. Usually, restarting works, if not, shutting down works. Yesterday, neither worked. So I called my "computer doctor" from DiscoverPC.NET, because, it wasn't working, and this time, he was going to hear what it was doing to help me solve this problem. However, he was busy, so I left him a message. In the mean time, about an hour+ delayed, I used an old meditation video on Facebook, with a message saying that I hoped to have a new one out by the afternoon, and I shut the computer. I stepped away, and "worked on" personal visioning for 2016. I took time to rest and restore, and let my mind wander into a dreamy place of 2016 visions. I didn't think about marketing, or business. A few hours later, "Computer Doctor, Tylor" called me back. Yay! I opened my computer to have him listen to the mysterious static over the phone, and once again, with his simple presence, no static! Oh boy. Good news, I was able to create my Meditation Monday video, even though it was late...and I used some very happy music - maybe a little too happy for a Meditation, but the music left me feeling joyous, and I thought, sometimes Meditations need to help us with that. So since it was an afternoon meditation, I went with it. :)

What does this have to do with health, wellness, and the outdoors...besides the nature based meditation videos? As I sat back and reflected upon this experience, the main take-home point for me, was sometimes we can ask all the experts what is right for us, what is wrong with us, what our hurdles are, how we can best solve our challenges, and sometimes, the best solution is to simply rest. Put everything aside. Turn off the technology. Let go of stress (as best as possible). Stop thinking about the problem, and focus on strengths and what fills us up. Sometimes, just like my computer's brain, we need to turn our brain off too. So it can recharge, and move forward with clarity and happiness. Freeing the brain of the static that has built up. Rick Hanson, PhD, wrote a very nice, short, and sweet article, "Rest, Unwind, Recharge" saying similar things. Most of us do not work in a field that saves lives in the immediate moment. So it is okay to shut down for a while, to take time for ourselves, and to clear away our brain static.

When coaching clients, using my fitness based wellness assessment, often obstacles will arise - obstacles that increase brain static - and sometimes (well, most of the time really) the best solution, the best wellness plan, includes time to recharge, to free the brain of static by taking a break. By encouraging the clients to take a walk in the woods on their 15 minute work break...to leave their phone behind...because, recharging our brain is one of the most important things we can do for our health. And usually, we as humans, need someone to give us permission to do so.

Please share with me, have you ever experienced brain static? How have you freed yourself from it? My computer experienced brain static yesterday, and my human brain certainly has as well. For me, I use meditation and movement in the forests to free my brain of static, and I love helping others to experience the benefits of nature as well.

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