Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spreading Wellness: Have you ever spontaneously paused to admire nature's beauty?

"I wanna try!" "I wanna ski!" "What are those?" (pointing to the xc skis) The children were jumping about with excitement as I entered the Valley Youth Center (website link) last week on Friday. They saw me carrying 4 pair of xc skis. For 2+ hours I took students out to the field next to the Laura MacArthur Elementary school (which houses the Valley Youth Center) to provide short introductory lessons on the skis.

When I asked the students what they learned, the two most common answers were: it takes a long time to get good & it takes a lot of balance. Some of the students were naturals, and others needed to work quite hard to stay upright. But the comment I remember the best was not related to skiing specifically, it was a girl in upper elementary that stopped her group of 4 as they walked back to the school. She put her hands out and said, "Stop! Look at that moon!" Almost in a whisper, she continued, "Wait (as the clouds moved over it), it'll come back." She continued with a long pause until everyone looked and then stated something like, "that is beautiful, something you need to take in," and took a deep peaceful sigh. The girls were silent for a few moments. This was the last group for the evening, and it was the best way to end my time at the Valley Youth Center (FB link).
Photo by: Jodi L. Tervo Roberts, Owner of E3

This girl is a true leader. As the 4 girls were pausing with peacefulness, I paused with excitement and awe at the thought of taking these students to a real cross-country ski trail, in the woods, ending close to sunset. Because, I know that they appreciate the beauty of nature! These girls had just skied a couple of short laps around the field, and then played an energetic, fast paced, laughter filled game of freeze tag on skis. They had their heart rates up, released a bunch of energy, and then self-directed into a brief nature inspired meditation. WOW! This partnership with Valley Youth is going to be great! Of course, not all of the students had this same experience in the end, but with natural peer leaders like this and the programming I can provide, there will be a positive impact on the lives of these students. All that participate will be able to learn through experience how to regulate their energy (release it in a positive & productive way, and learn Yoga and the benefits of nature to calm themselves in times of need). The outdoor programming will empower the students with knowledge, tools, and skills to increase their confidence, improve their patience, overcome life obstacles, socially, emotionally, and academically. And, they will do this all through exercise outdoors. I will be able to introduce these young students to healthy lifestyle habits. I'll be able to teach them how to use this type of lifestyle to propel themselves forward in life. As I stated in a recent blog, the best time to start healthy lifestyle habits is at birth, and the second best time is now...the younger the better. And, it fills my heart with joy when I'm able to help people of all ages and abilities to lead healthy, happy and meaningful lives...to help people accomplish their goals...to help people create goals...to help people see, feel, and understand the power of movement outdoors, and how it can be completely integrated into their lifestyle in a way that can truly help them to reach their highest dreams, visions, and goals.

Now I ask you, have you ever spontaneously paused to admire nature's beauty?

I certainly have, and it was soooo inspiring to see a young person also spontaneously pause when seeing the gorgeous moon on Friday night.

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