Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Spreading Wellness: Have you experienced the power of reflection?

Photo by Jodi L. Tervo Roberts,
Owner of E3 Twin Ports, LLC
Energy and Empowerment through Exercise
Peaceful. Rejuvenated. Smiling. When I reflect upon how I feel after being out in nature (the woods) all day, these are the first three words that come to mind. When I pause a little bit longer, I think about being energized or happily exhausted, depending upon the length of time and activity of choice for the day. Skiing, snowshoeing, jogging, hiking, hiking to ice fish, & meditation, all give me a slightly different sense of emotions and fulfillment. My intentions are different, depending upon the activity.

To make this reflection more powerful, I need to ask myself, "When I get stressed out, how do I feel? What emotions am I having?" Then I ask, what can help me to lower my anxiety? What helps me to heal, overcome, and/or let go of the negative emotions? Sometimes I would say that it is reading, other times, crafts, sometimes I need to be around people, and often, the emotions that I am seeking can be found by exploring in the woods. Having this personal tool box allows me to use the strategy that will best fit the current situation. Building this tool box takes time and reflection. It takes knowing yourself, your authentic self. Yes, there is immense power in nature, AND in reflection. :)

As a teacher, I ask students to be critical thinkers, and I truly believe the research that states, the best critical thinkers are good at reflecting upon previous tasks, assignments, discussions, and experiences. (Sorry no citations for this at this time...I've read this in many articles over the years.) I see wellness coaching as a similar position to teaching...I encourage my clients to reflect upon experiences that they have had in the past. What has worked? What has not worked? What activities do you enjoy? What is your go-to stress reducer? Is that stress reducer healthy, or not as healthy? I believe that we as human beings, are students of life and for life. If we are open to growing as people, we are then open to learning about how to make ourselves better, how to capitalize on our strengths, capitalize on what makes us happy, capitalize on what we believe to be fun, and how to positively reflect (not dwell) on our past to make our present moment the best that it can be!

Is this easy? Certainly not always. Just like life has ups and downs, so does our ability to look at life as a teacher and us as students. But, we can continue moving forward as best as we can, and stay as positive as possible...all while understanding this...if you are in a dip, and you are feeling emotions other than peace, joy, and exuberance, then allow yourself to feel these other feelings. This is important as well. Of course, if the feelings become "abnormal" for you (and only you know when that is), then by all means, seek a health professional to help you through. There are many kinds of health care professionals that can help us through difficult times. Seek the ones that will help you.

Reflections - Photo by Jodi L. Tervo Roberts,
Owner of E3 Twin Ports, LLC
Energy and Empowerment through Exercise
Please share with me; Have you experienced the power of reflection? As for me, I most definitely have. I reflect on a daily basis...sometimes with successful outcomes/improvements in life...sometimes to problem solve a situation...and sometimes, for pure enjoyment of re-living amazing past moments.

This blog went in a totally different direction than I planned. I had planned on talking about the benefits of being in nature, but my fingers typed out a story about personal growth. I never know what I will write about each week, until it is written. In a way, this blog is one long reflection on research, life, health, and happiness. I do hope you enjoy it. :)

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E3 Twin Ports, LLC
Energy and Empowerment through Exercise
Owner, Jodi L. Tervo Roberts
Jodi L. Tervo Roberts, Owner
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