Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Spreading Wellness: What is your personal and professional "WHY" and do you blend them?

Do you know what your personal mission is? Do you know "WHY" that is your personal mission? Knowing your "why" is a great place to start, and fulfilling that "why" takes a plan of action....just like personal growth and development, professional growth and development, and any other "growth" a person, organization or corporation goes through. Actually, I consider personal growth the fulfillment of your personal mission. Because if we are growing personally and professionally, we must have a reason for it. Even though you may not have defined the reason, dig deep, reflect, and find that mission/meaning behind your decisions.

I often talk with people about growth and although they want to grow, they are not clear on their meaning in life. They are not clear in their personal mission. Typically, when talking with working professionals, they are more clear on their professional goals than they are on their personal goals. Is this true for you? After pondering this, I wonder if it is because we are so trained in our education to think about our professional careers, but it is rare that teachers or other role models in our lives ask us about our personal development. And, from my personal experience, it is even less common for people to ask "why."

Fantastic growth in leadership read, and we are so grateful that we had an opportunity to hear Paul Batz speak in person. His company is doing amazing things! One of our goals at E3 is to be a leader in science based health and wellness. For more information about us, please email info@e3twinports.com and visit our website at www.e3twinports.com where you can find more links to our social media as well. Thank you for your interest, and helping us to spread wellness in our community (Twin Ports).: Today, I am asking you how and why you blend yours? If you are an organizational or corporate leader, my question for you is, do you ask your employees about their personal mission? Do you ask about the personal growth and development of your employees? Do you supplement this financially? Why is this important? Have you ever read the book, "What Really Works, Blending the 7 F's" by Paul Batz and Tim Schmidt? If not, it is a good read on this topic. I've used this book in wellness coaching, and continue to recommend it to friends, colleagues, and clients. Our society has been evolving. Professions have been changing, and now is the time to revisit our meaning in life, and remember that our personal mission is just as important as our professional mission. Why? For your personal health and happiness.

We have heard that the brain is "fully developed" by our mid-20's. But, with everything in life, growth can still occur. Not very many years ago, scientists thought our brain was complete with little to no change after this "development period" was complete. Now we know that our brain continues to evolve if we continue to "exercise" it. Once our brain is finished with this big growth period, we begin to connect the many moments in our lives and the lives of others on a number of levels. We connect the concepts of how we influence each other, our lakes and streams, and if we have a "growth mindset" we continue to connect the dots between all of life. With this new understanding of the brain, it is more reason to seek out, and create personal action plans for growth.

A growth mindset is great, but how do we create our action plans? How do we pursue growth without obsessing over it and adding undue stress to our lives? And, going back to the original question, "WHY" are you pursuing this growth?

Do you need help creating your action plan for personal growth? If you want to include meditation, yoga, outdoor movement, outdoor exploration, &/or fitness, consider hiring E3. We offer personal fitness based wellness coaching, along with corporate/organizational health and wellness packages.

Does your organization need help creating an action plan to improve the health and happiness of your organization/corporation? Do you need help to see the connection between personal and professional growth? Please consider hiring E3. E3 offers interactive educational presentations and trainings. And, E3 has teamed up with the Raffetto Group, to offer a Corporate Culture Health and Happiness survey, which can be customized to your needs. This survey allows us to see areas of growth opportunity, areas of strength you can capitalize on, and help you create a plan of action (and training) that is customized to your organization.

Maybe your organization has leadership teams that would benefit from a few days away (into the Boundary Waters) so you can truly experience the health and creativity benefits of the wilderness. And sometimes, blending a variety of departments is a good way to expand connection and communication in your organization. I can help ask you questions so that you can you determine what the best fit is for you and your organization. E3 will happily plan and guide you on an all inclusive BWCAW trip for you and your team. Contact me, Jodi, Owner of E3 at info@e3twinports.com. I'll happily meet you for a free consultation.

You may ask me, what is E3's mission and how does it relate to the personal mission of mine, owner of E3? E3 strives to empower people to reach their goals, to improve their energy through exercise/movement outdoors. Our goal is to help people lead a holistically healthy, happy, and meaningful life using nature, meditation, wellness coaching, outdoor adventures (BWCAW trips), outdoor recreation, and movement of all kinds outdoors. This is very similar to my personal mission, which is to help my family to be the best they can be...to encourage continued growth opportunities...to pursue their dreams in life. I enjoy empowering them with the confidence they need to reach their dreams. I enjoy encouraging my husband to continue his education, and high-fiving him when he does well on one of his college tests. I use outdoor recreation and fitness as the catalyst to teach our little girl about growth, overcoming obstacles, leading, and problem solving, and I do the same thing when I lead outdoor recreational activities for my clients. No one is perfect with blending our missions. No one is perfect with our action plans. However, it is the intention that we continue to pursue as best as we can to continue to grow as individuals and professionals...and lead a healthy, happy, & meaningful life in a state of contentment. Last question, "Why" do I blend them? My personal and professional goals are really all 1. To help the world be healthier and happier. By helping my loved ones be healthy and happy, it helps my own personal wellness. By supporting them in their dreams, they support me back in mine (such as pursuing this business). It is this dynamic balance that keeps me healthy and happy.

Now I ask you, what is your personal and professional "WHY" and do you blend them?

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