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Spreading Wellness: What positive habit of yours is hard to break?

What habit of yours is hard to break? Think positive habits...such as brushing your teeth. There are nights when I am so tired, that I want to skip this habit, but if I try to go to bed without brushing my teeth, it simply feels wrong. Has this ever happened to you? When creating a routine that includes physical activity, you want it to get to this same point. You want your daily walk, jog, strength, yoga, or any other physical activity routine to become a habit that seems wrong if you skip it. What does it take to get to that point? For some people it is a coach, others need a partner/social support, and for others it comes more naturally.

Jodi's (Owner of E3) office before getting
married. Daily paddles along the shores of
Lake Superior, guiding beginner kayakers.

Physical wellness is different for everyone, in regards to the ease of creating a habit. All wellness takes a certain amount of self-reflection...knowing yourself, and creating your plan and routine around it. Then remember, when there are big life changes, your routine may be altered...and it may take work to re-create what you had been doing for years. For example, before I was married I typically did 3-4 hours of movement in a day...I lived in a place where I biked and walked to work. I worked at a place where there was a gym just down the hall. And immediately before meeting my significant other, I was guiding, so my physical activity was non-stop, sun-up to sun-down. Enter the love of my life...we bonded through mountain biking, jogging, and hiking...then marriage...I purchased house that was, well, in need of major work...and a new job (for the first time in my life, a sit-down, desk job). Let me tell you, if I hadn't been training for Grandma's marathon at that time, it would have been difficult to get out for my run or bike on a daily basis. Why? Because the house needed so much attention and I was newly married.

Why do I share this story? Because in all reality, we all go through big changes in life, and when these changes take place, our routines are likely to change for better or for worse. Know this is a growth opportunity, and your priorities, no matter how ingrained they are in your DNA, will need re-assessment and re-organization. Needless to say, leading a holistically healthy life, takes work...Yes, hard work. And sometimes, we need help. Seeking help is not anything to be ashamed of. Sometimes we put personal shame on ourselves when we think, "everyone else makes it (enter whatever you'd like in place of 'it') seem so easy." "I shouldn't need to seek help." But the reality is, we all struggle with different things. And, seeking help in our area of personal need is a sign of strength in my eyes. I see it as a strength, because we are truly listening to our personal needs. And for all of those who have a difficult time putting yourself first (before your kids, significant other, work), know that if you don't take care of yourself, you are not able to take care of others as well. So by taking care of your personal health needs, you are actually giving more to others. So, embrace your ability to take care of yourself. Embrace your ability to realize and take action to seek help/guidance/coaching/counseling in the areas of your personal need. And if physical wellness is an area that you would like help, please consider E3's Personal Wellness Coaching, a fitness based holistic wellness coaching model. I offer a free initial consultation to make sure that your needs mesh with my model.
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If you are a reader, the book "The Power of Habit" is a great read. There are some fantastic insights into the research of creating habits that can be as simple as drinking more water, to a more complex habit of physical exercise.

Remember the feeling of trying to go to bed without brushing your teeth. And relate that to the feeling of missing your daily walk. How is it the same for you, personally? How is it different? Now I ask you, what positive habit of yours is hard to break? (And in reality, you don't want to break it.)

Although it isn't always easy, and in fact, it is hard work. I want exercise to be as simple as brushing my teeth. And that means, creating a daily habit of movement.

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