Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spreading Wellness: Are the best days for frogs, also the perfect days for making memories?

The forecast called for rain, high winds, and our ride was planned for Stillwater, which was on the border of the "intense weather" zone. The alarm went off at 5:00 a.m., a time that sounds insane for many, but normal for us morning work-out junkies. My first thought as I heard the rain outside was one of gratitude. I was so grateful for the warm bed and solid roof over our heads. We had thought about camping, but decided to crash at a relatives house instead. The wind and rain would have had us soaked and cold before we started. After enjoying our warm cups of joe and tea, we hit the road for a 40 minute drive through solid rain to the start line of the MN Ironman Bike Ride in Stillwater, MN. Both of us wondering if they were going to cancel the ride, maybe secretly hoping, because we were committed to the ride, if it was on, and it sounded like a less than ideal ride. Signing up for the 65 mile ride, we agreed to the 35 mile since our spring was less than ideal for training, and we wanted to lessen our risk of injury on our first real ride of the season. As we approached the event, it was clearly on. The parking lot was filling up fast, and everyone was donning their rain gear. Adults and kids alike. What a great family event! Rain or shine, hundreds/thousands were there. As we hit mile 5 on the ride, the steady rains turned into a solid downpour, water was dripping down my face, arms, hands, and legs. My feet were sloshing in lakes, which were dammed up by my shoes, and the winds shifted bringing an intense wave of cold air. At this point, conversation with my hubby turned from the unspoken, we said we were going to do 35 miles, to, the 15 mile cut-off is close, it may be smartest to take that. So we did. Laughing at the sight of the insanity level of everyone around us, at the giddiness that we would never have chosen to ride on a day like today if we hadn't signed up for the event, and rounding a corner between a swamp and a pond hearing the frogs songs through the whipping wind, they sang like I've never heard before. Many would think it was an awful day, and running through my head was, it is always a perfect day for something...and although I may have thought this was not the perfect day or a bike ride, it absolutely was a perfect day for FROGS! And by the time we crossed the finish line, I was once more grateful. Grateful for the ability to ride. Grateful for the experience in the rain, the thoughts sparked by the frogs, and grateful for the downpour that happened prior to the 15 mile cut-off, because I was beginning to get extremely cold from the rain and wind...and although I could have listed off 25 gratitude's, my brain was on getting dry cloths on and being grateful for heat that worked in my truck. FUN! Yes, FUN! The deepest and most memorable memories often begin with less than ideal conditions, so may I ask, are the best days for frogs, also the perfect days for making memories?

Fellow Flowers is a women's running organization. They have
many great quotes and photos, and of course flowers.

I often encourage clients that struggle with exercise being fun, to find a work-out buddy. Find someone that you can enjoy the walk, jog, or fitness class with. This can help on a number of levels. It helps you stay accountable. It creates enjoyable memories with a friend. And, it helps to change your perspective on what you used to think of as "work" to a social event, and maybe you will begin to equate that activity with fun. Then, on days like today, when it is raining and dreary for the umpteenth day in a row, and knowing it would be much easier to stay cuddled up in bed, you will be grateful for your friend who is meeting you for your walk, bike, class, or whatever activity you enjoy. Because, friends help you through thick and thin, and they help you to have a good and fun reason to get out of bed on a dreary morning.

One more thought for the day. Why do I talk about morning work-out buddies? Because at 5:00 in the morning, very few things can get in our way. You can certainly have a work-out buddy in the evening as well, if that works best for you. No matter what time of day you choose, having someone to hold you accountable, who is counting on you to meet them somewhere, always helps, and maybe you can share fun memories on these perfect days for frogs too. :)

Are you looking for personal wellness coaching? E3 offers a much discounted price if you sign up with a friend or family member, because I know the benefits of having a work-out buddy. And if you go through coaching together, you can continue being there for each other after you complete your coaching sessions. Find more information on our website, and please feel free to email me with any questions you may have (info@e3twinports.com). And remember, I offer a FREE initial consultation, to determine if we are a good fit for each other.

So now I ask you, would you like to get out on the best days for frogs, and create perfect memories with your friends? Although it may be hard to get out the door on these days, I always enter the house smiling. :) And I believe that you can too. :)

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