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Spreading Wellness: If you could engage in one activity that benefits all areas of health, would you?

What would the world say if they heard there was a cure all pill? Take this one pill every day, you will feel better, and the only side effects include - increased happiness, and improved holistic health. What do you think people would do? Yes, I can just imagine the line at the pharmacy. Out the door, right?!

We all want quick fixes, band-aides instead of deep healing, because band-aides are easy, and we don't have time for the deep stuff, right? OK, I do know that not everyone wants the quick fix, but it is always easier to take the pill, than it is to do hard work to create healthy lifestyle habits, right?

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What if I told you to try just one thing, every day, for one month, and that, if you do the hard work to accomplish this one thing, that you will feel better? It isn't a pill, but it is one lifestyle habit that has the side effects of improved happiness and holistic health. If you are willing to take this challenge, have doctors clearance for exercise, and use your own judgement on your safety level, then I ask you to answer the following questions (see below). Answer honestly. Then follow the instructions that come afterwards. In one month, I will write another blog about this very topic/challenge, and re-send the questions for you to compare your answers to the ones you answer today (keep your first set of answers in a find-able location). Then, I want you to share your results with me (no matter what the results were)...and if you were able to complete the challenge or not. Ready?

Please use the following 6 point scale to answer these statements.
0=Not at all descriptive, 1=Faintly descriptive, 2=Somewhat descriptive, 3=Fairly descriptive, 4=Very descriptive, 5=Extremely descriptive.
  • I look forward to going to work every day. ___
  • I practice bringing personal meaning to my life. ___
  • I feel a sense of belonging and connectedness with my community. ___
  • I have at least one person with whom I can share deep personal feelings. ___
  • I practice the habit of being connected to nature and the outdoors. ___
  • I can name 5 emotions that I experience daily. ___
  • I am physically active at least 30 minutes a day. ___
Please use the following 6 point scale to answer these last 2 statements.
0=Extremely unhappy, 1=Faintly happy, 2=Somewhat happy, 3=Fairly happy, 4=Very happy, 5=Extremely happy.
  • I rate my current momentary happiness as_______.         
  •      Momentary happiness is how you are feeling right now.                  
  • I rate my authentic happiness as _______.                   
  •     Authentic happiness defined as: I have a pleasant life of pleasures, a good life of engagement, and     meaningful life. (Martin Seligman’s definition) Despite life's challenges, you are able to stay positive and resilient. 
So what is this one thing? Take a 30 minute walk outside, preferably in nature. But if you are unable to access nature easily, a walk around your neighborhood works too. Remember, to use your common sense, and be watchful of crooked sidewalks and natural obstacles on the trails. 

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Movement in nature has been shown to improve multiple areas of wellness, including all of the areas that are in E3's Wellness Tree . The questions that you answered above are related to a variety of areas of wellness. In one month, I will expand upon the research and examples of improving health through movement in nature. And to learn more, please join me this Saturday, April 9, for the FREE Northland Wellness Community Day at UMD, and the American Diabetes Association Walk! I am guiding a hike for the ADA Walk starting at the Field House at UMD (8:30 a.m.), then another hike for the NCWD at 10:30 a.m., starting at the Ramono Gym. Both hikes will take you from the event to Bagley Nature Areas Pond, and trailhead. At 12:45 I will be giving a very interactive educational presentation on "Experiencing the Health Benefits of  Movement in Nature." You will be able to hear, see, experience, and ask questions about the research of movement in nature, and how this ONE thing can improve your health and happiness. Will you join me? I sure hope so! :) I would love to meet my readers/followers in person. And I am stoked to hear your results to this little challenge in one month.

So now the question becomes, Will you engage in one activity that improves multiple areas of health and happiness for the next month? I look forward to hearing from you. :)

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