Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spreading Wellness: What creates a feeling of internal, soul smiling joy within you?

Please take a few moments to decide how you are feeling. Happy, anxious, excited, sad, frustrated, calm, peaceful?

Do you know the internal joy, the smiling feeling of your soul? Imagine a time when you were giddy with joy, when happy hormones were flowing through your blood vessels. Pause, and allow yourself to relive that feeling for a few moments (or more if you'd like). :)

Now reflect, is there more than one experience that creates this feeling? Pause, and allow your brain to imagine that experience as well.

Re-assess your feelings. Did this little experiment change your emotional state?

Then ask yourself, can you create these experiences more often in your routine? Can you create these experiences daily? Weekly? Monthly? Or, even yearly? I urge you to add these experiences into your life, for these joyous moments may create more meaning in our lives, and allow us to lead healthier, happier and more meaningful lives. Sometimes I find that life takes over, and I dismiss seeking these opportunities of soul smiling joy.

This weekend I gave a presentation at the Northland Community Wellness Day on "Experiencing the health benefits of nature." One might ask how an audience member may experience nature indoors, while listening to a presentation....well, that is where I can work magic. :) All of my presentations are interactive, and the participants in this presentation did some reflection on soul smiling joyful experiences they have had in nature. It was fantastic. I could see the eyes of one of the audience members glaze over, and a soft, peaceful smile came over her face. When I asked her to share, she said she imagined herself in the woods, by a river, writing. Aaah. Wonderful! It worked for her. The emotional feeling of my audience changed after this experiential experience. YAY! Nature's health benefits can live with you, even when you are deprived of nature, and are sitting inside of four white walls and a cubicle at work. :)

I discussed and had the audience experience ways to improve their energy, whether they need to increase or calm their energy. The people who came, left with experiential tools to use, in their every day life, even when they are at work or school, to improve their energy. Energy and Empowerment through Exercise (Education, and Meditation Outdoors). That is the name of my business, and truly the mission of my work. If you know of an organization, corporation or group that is looking for a science-based health and wellness presenter, to provide training's to their employees (improving energy, empowering creativity, body mechanics/back safety, injury prevention, strength training for women, or a number of other holistic health topics), please send them my information. I am passionate about educating on topics surrounding health and happiness. Every presentation will be interactive. Every presentation will have at least a couple of experiential tools to help your organization, corporation, or group which will empower them with knowledge and tools, to improve their energy, through exercise, meditation, nature, and/or a number of other exercise science & positive psychology tools. For more information, please visit my website: http://www.e3twinports.com/corporate/

So now I ask you to share with me, what creates a feeling of internal soul smiling joy within you? For me, one experience includes spring sunshine and watching the seeds that we plant, grow into a flourishing garden of fruit, vegetables, and flowers. And, if you would be so kind to share, if you truly did the little experiment at the beginning of this blog, how did it work for you?

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Jodi L. Tervo Roberts, Owner
E3 Twin Ports, LLC
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