Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Spreading Wellness: Do you embrace the naiad mindset?

"The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new."
~Author Unknown~

A group of us had biked out to a friends camp on a small lake the night before. We set up our tents in the lawn, somewhat near the lake. After waking up to cool spring air, in my clammy tent and sleeping bag, I looked up. Through the tent I could see that there were little things on the outside of it, but I didn't know what. As I unzipped my tent to crawl out and see what it was, I was intrigued. Littered on every tent, sometimes on the zippers we were trying to open, were cocoon-like, bug-like things, tightly secured to the fabric. What were they? We all wondered, and then we gathered around on our camp chairs, and listened to the morning songs of the birds and frogs, while wondering what these mysterious things were, so tightly secured to our tents. It wasn't long before we saw the bug-like-cocoons begin to change, so we scooted closer to the tents for a nature & science lesson, in real time. Time stands still when you are so engaged in fascination, so I'm not sure how long we sat there, but it seemed like only minutes before we realized that these crazy things stuck to our tents were transforming into dragonflies. These changing naiads embraced the secret to change, and we could see and feel the intense energy they were putting into building their new body. These bug-like, cocoon-like things that were scattered on all of our tents, were becoming the bodies and wings of dragonflies, and finally, the last energetic shutter completed the wings and the newly transformed insects flew off as fully grown dragonflies, fluttering all around us. Dozens of them. The only thing left on our tests were small, empty exoskeletons, no longer so tightly secured. Left within our hearts and seared into our memories, was this magical lesson from nature, about the secret to change, and fully embracing the idea to focus all energy on building a new path, on moving forward in life. Naiad's emerge out of the water, attaching to a vertical surface to emerge into a dragonfly. Later I learned that we were most likely watching Eastern Pondhawk Dragonflies emerge into adults, and that there are over 3000 known species of dragonflies around the world. Fascinating! It was an experience that seems like once in a lifetime. This was a number of years ago, but I vividly remember the wings being the last to fully transform and the powerful energetic shutter of their wings before flying off.

Have you ever watched this transformation yourself? I hope you have the opportunity someday. I've seen a few dragonflies this year, and every time I see one, I remember this amazing experience on the shores of a small lake in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Here is a 3 minute video from the BBC about emerging dragonflies if you'd like to watch.

How do dragonflies relate to Energy and Empowerment through Exercise, education and meditation outdoors? Well, I see these naiad's/dragonflies as focusing the most intense energy that I've ever watched, by being empowered with an instinctual understanding of emerging from the waters, to take flight (exercise), and these dragonflies educate us about putting energy into building new, and created a live nature meditation for all of us amazed campers on a peaceful morning by a lake. And that fully relates to the mission of E3. Sometimes wellness coaching can be difficult, not only for the client, but also for me as the coach. Habits are old, they are ingrained/seared into our memories and physiology. But when someone hires me, it is because they want help to move forward. In their mind, they are wanting to build new, but our human physiology and habit loop keeps us fighting this old energy. Not an easy task to change. Change can be a scary word for many, and a difficult task to undertake. So ultimately, clients need to learn to fully embrace the new habit. Starting small, expressing a vocal and physical affirmation when they accomplish the habit they are embracing, sometimes starting with a 5 minute walk to get the habit started, and build upon that. What I find, is that many times clients feel that they are failures if they don't "do it all." Sometimes, they need to fail at the "do it all method" before they willingly try the start small method. I may have referenced BJ Fogg's Tedx Talk before, but I think this is an appropriate time to revisit it. His "small change" mindset is perfect, and something that I embrace as well. Small habit forming accomplishments are the starting point to change. Fully embracing the concept of building the new habit, and not fighting the old.

So, do you embrace the naiad mindset? Is there something that you can learn from this transforming dragonfly? The dragonflies have certainly taught me a lot, and I have fully embraced the idea of learning from nature.

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