Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Spreading Wellness: Do you remember playing outside at recess?

Have you ever watched kids play outside? Depending upon the age, you will find different themes. Once kids pass the parallel play stage of life, they begin forming group games and activities such as hide-and-go-seek, long jump-rope, capture the flag, baseball, basketball. They are social, physical, and having fun.

Do you remember playing outside at recess? What were your favorite activities? Some of my favorite memories on the playground is when our 4th grade class would play against the 5th grade class - anything. Team sports, everyone plays, 4th grade against 5th grade. Soccer, kickball, capture the flag, and dodge-ball to name a few. I come from a very small school in the rural Upper Peninsula, with an average of 25 kids per grade, so we could play on the basketball court, without excluding anyone who wanted to join. The other activity I fondly remember was spring jump-roping. Double-dutch was my favorite. I often think about these FUN, SOCIAL activities, that were also quite PHYSICAL, and I think about adults who do not like working out at the gym. I totally get it. The good news is that we have much research to show that social wellness is one of the biggest predictors of long-term health, and there are many opportunities to join social, fun, and physical activities. :) (Harvard Study, Umberson and Karas Montez Study, Emma Seppala's Tedx)

Photo by E3 owner, Jodi L Tervo Roberts. Youth sports are
natural places to teach kids about leadership,
cooperation, team spirit, and so much more. Plus, it is
Think about the following questions. Is running on a treadmill with earbuds in social? Seriously, is it truly fun? When I lived in the state of Washington, I was a member of the YMCA, and there was a class that was just starting with the theme of, "back to your youth." It was a group fitness class that embraced youth activities. FUN, PHYSICAL and SOCIAL! :) It was a blast! The YMCA was located next to trails and big open fields. Before I began traveling as a PT Assistant, I played fastpitch softball in the summer, and was on a women's hockey team in the winter. Fun, social, and physical. Life evolves, but we always seek and find what we need if it is truly important to us. And since I was quite transient for a while, I found other outdoor recreation activities to do, and I finally returned to school to pursue further formal education so that I can work in the field of alternative health, fitness and recreation programming. While at NMU, I started the UP Adaptive XC Ski Program, with big success, and it continues today. It was a time of many firsts, and many smiles. It engaged entire families, participants, and volunteers.

When I think about personal training and wellness coaching, I truly am looking to help those who see a larger picture of health and wellness. Those that may not get enjoyment out of working out in 4 brick walls. One client told me that she enjoys tennis, and that is a great social, fun, and physical activity. A fantastic one for improving health. When you join a team sport or group class/activity, besides the obvious fun, physical and social piece, you now have someone else relying on you to show up, so you are more likely to go.

Today, I urge you to think about what fun, social and physical activity you enjoy, and then take action by working a little bit of it into your life. And I ask you again, do you remember playing outside at recess? What was your favorite memory? Did it include fun, social, and physical wellness? Is there a way for you to make a similar activity work in your life today? If so, seek it out, and watch your wellness grow. There are adult soccer, volleyball, and softball leagues. For kids, the options are endless. All it takes is a quick google search to learn about the youth and adult options in your area. And as always, I want to hear your stories, so please share. :)

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