Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Spreading Wellness: Are you that busy person that everyone goes to? How do you make time for yourself?

"If you want something done, ask a busy person." ~Unknown~

Are you that person? That person that everyone asks to do something for them? I have a few things to say to you. First of all, congratulations! For, you clearly have mastered the skills of time management. Second, do you make time for yourself? Or, are you always taking care of everyone else? Third, Do you make quality time for your family and friends? Remember social well-being is one of the key components to a healthy and happy life. Finally, what time of day do you work-out? (If you don't exercise, why not?)
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Have you ever heard yourself say, "I'm too busy to _______." (go for a walk, read a book, bike, play with my kids, cook a healthy meal, scrub the floors, etc.) I encourage you to pause if you hear yourself saying this. Pause and ask yourself, "What am I too busy doing?" Then, stay with this thought and ask yourself about your priorities in life. Maybe you seriously ARE too busy...but maybe, you aren't too busy after considering what really matters to you. If you simply are too busy to go for a walk at lunch or after work (maybe we should talk), but have you considered getting your walk in at the beginning of the day? Before anything else can come up?

I've heard people say, "but I'm not a morning person." Maybe this is true, but getting exercise in before you start your to-do list for the day has many benefits, with the biggest one being, you no longer have an excuse for not doing it. Look at it as adding 30 minutes to your day. Wake up 30 minutes earlier and get out for that walk. Other benefits include improved productivity, building resilience skills, and positivity. Of course you can gain these benefits by working out at any time of day, but it comes down to the simple challenge of interruptions. Get out early and set aside your technology, email, and your phone. Yes, this means, get in the habit of your morning physical activity, before your check your electronic devices. Some people call this their sacred time, a time for themselves. No matter what you call it, I urge you to try it, especially if you are one of those people that are challenged regularly with interruptions in "your time." Maybe, you have a friend or family member that you can get this morning fitness routine in with. It will help to keep you accountable, and it fosters the social component of well-being. Sometimes, busy people have shared with me that it is hard to not check their email and to-do list in the morning, if this sounds like you, it might be easier to set aside technology if you have someone else depending upon you to meet up for a bike, walk, jog, or at the gym.

Now I ask you, Are you that busy person that everyone goes to? And, How do you fit in time for yourself? If you are struggling with finding the time, I ask you, what changes will you make to your routine, so you can stay healthy and well? Remember, if you struggle with taking time for yourself, in the long run, you can give much more than yourself if you invest in your personal health and well-being, because a healthy and happy you, helps you to give more.

As for me, I wake up early, and I have work-out buddies to help keep me accountable. Please share with me how you fit exercise in. I do enjoy hearing from my readers and followers.

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