Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Spreading Wellness: What experience have you had that has helped your heart grow?

"The greatest glory in living, lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." ~Nelson Mandela~

This spring has dragged on, with cloudy skies, and rain. But in there, a few sunny, and some extremely hot days. I start planting seeds for our garden early, and they sit on shelves by the patio door, seeking as much warmth and sunshine as they can get before being transplanted into the garden. One spring day, I set them outside to start to acclimate to the outdoors, and I left for meetings. When I returned home on this 90+ degree day, the plants were sad, droopy, and visually crying for help. Eek! The sun and warmth had dried them up. Quickly I brought them into the house and watered them. Within hours, they were standing tall and proud, visually thanking me for taking care of them. When I first saw the plants reviving, the first word that came to mind was resilience. Yes, a word defined as a challenging task for humans, but with proper care, something so easy for nature.
Photo by: Jodi L. Tervo Roberts, Owner of E3
We can learn lessons about resilience from the food we grow.

This morning, resilience once again came to mind, because I spent almost 2 hours trying to create a summer well-being survey for you all to take. However, the program I've used in the past has changed, and I can't seem to figure out how to correctly score the new program. I took my own quiz, knowing I selected all of the "Correct" answers, but it tells me I scored 0% Correct. Eek. In a survey a while back, I had asked what you wanted to read about. Pictures, quizzes, strength training, and more in depth tips were some of the requests. With some schools finished, and a few finishing up this week, I thought it was a perfect time to create another quiz for you the readers. But instead, I was taught a lesson on resilience, and the blog had to change...and on my "To-Do" list is to find a new quiz maker tool.

Child Neuro Psychologist Sam Goldstein gave a Ted presentation a few years ago on resilience, and one of his statements really resonated with me. One of the children he was working with had one hero - Dad. Sam went on to explain the connection between heart and mind being our most powerful quality. I interpreted his talk from a very personal experience, and went on to think how one person can truly impact experiences in life that can help lead us to success. I remembered this talk, and related it to the plants that I watered. The direct connection between their heart (roots) being watered by me, going directly to their brain, the flowers above ground. The one thing that helped them survive, was a heart felt connection between human heart and roots heart...and, re-listening to the talk by Sam, I reminded myself, that human to human heartfelt connections are truly a key to growth.

And as for today's blog, well, I believe that the changing of the quiz maker tool was meant to be. For perhaps, this once, I needed to share a story about resilience, for myself, and maybe others who needed to be reminded (or introduced), to the idea that Sam shares, the connection between heart and brain being our most powerful connection for personal growth. And maybe it is that connection, that helps us to rise up, every time we fall. For sometimes, our biggest lessons in life, the experiences that truly make a difference in life, happen when we have fallen. When things have not gone the way that we wanted them to. Maybe that is the time that our biggest personal growth happens. Maybe this is the time when we seek the help we need - whether that be personal wellness coaching, counseling, friendships, reaching out in some way through the heart - anything that helps us to move forward in a positive direction, using a growth mindset.

So now I ask you, What experience have you had that has helped your heart grow?

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